how to maintaining and cleaning an awning

how to maintaining and cleaning an awning

So you don’t have to change the canopy each season, you will learn some tips for cleaning and maintenance.

The awnings can be of different types of material, but all are exposed equally to long hours in the Sun, rain and pollution, so some care are necessary for better maintenance.

The basic care of an awning, is to keep it free of dust, by applying the following techniques according to the type of awning.

Awnings that are wound cleaned passing the vacuum cleaner by both sides or a good feather duster. When we make this procedure we must take care that our awning is completely dry.
The plastic is washed with some liquid soap and then rinsed.

For cleaning make us more effective, it is suitable to remove dust before applying liquid soap. If we apply them a sizing (on spray) we will achieve that Earth will not stick so easily and rain to run more easily.

If the awning is made of aluminium, you will surely be very high and you can not access it easily. The best way to clean them is to use a hose or pressure washer.

All any type of awning mechanisms need to be oiled and placed at the point once a season, so we will avoid metal parts to rust and wear out unnecessarily.