How to choose a printer

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How to choose a printer

In a previous article we talked about how to choose a wifi router . Now it is time to consider another device , which is also a necessary component of a computer workspace .

Before purchasing any thing entirely to weigh the “pros” and “cons .” So at this point, you need to buy a printer, but a huge number of models and manufacturers have put you in a deadlock ? How to choose a printer and not to make a mistake in such a large variety of models , manufacturers and price ranges ?

The printer , which one to choose ? The answer is simple !

First of all , going shopping or flipping through the pages online – shopping, you start reading performance. Noise, power , limit the print size , print speed and other characteristics are taking all the attention. At this point, it begins to seem that the more advanced options, and higher performance , the printer better. So , we can not quite get what was actually needed . Before you go shopping , and even more so to purchase a printer , decide what is it you want and need it at all !

The acquisition of the printer : Pros and Cons :

 Printing photos . You are tired of the services of copying and printing centers. Produce printed pictures and posters can be and even at home. We should not forget that the quality in any case be lower than the quality of professional services. In any case, the ideal – ink-jet printer with CISS .
Print documents . It all depends on the volume that you want to print . The most economical option is to ink-jet printing , but if you’re worried about the quality and comfort – you need to do one laser printer.

Photocopies. Not surprisingly, everyone wants a new printer, you can not only print documents and photos , but also make photocopies . Acquire data for the purposes of expensive copier, of course, does not make sense . There is a huge variety of MFP both laser and inkjet . Everything here is also dependent on the funds that you will be able to subsequently allocate to the ” content” of the printer.

How to choose a printer

How to choose a printer that does not make a mistake ? Quite simply, decide why you need one ! Frequent print various types of documents at a low cost – ideal inkjet printer. Quality , speed and comfort – a laser printer !

Choose an inkjet printer

Epson Expression Home XP- 33. If you do not know how to choose the printer, and everything depends on funding , then this printer is ideal for you . Inkjet printing , CISS for 4 colors, maximum format – A4 , the ability to print photos , resolution – 5760×1440. The only drawback – low speed of printing – 28 A4 sheets per minute.
EPSON P50. Suitable for both home and small office. Six-color printer , the maximum resolution is 5760 x 1440 , will provide the printing of documents and photos with high quality. Maximum print size – A4 , but there is the ability to print on CDs.
Canon pixma iP1900. Pretty handy printer and a stylish design . Four-color , weight 2.9 , the maximum printing – A4. The printer is very easy and is a regular demand.

Today, there is the possibility of purchasing a printer with the highest possible resolution and the ability to print A3 or even A2, A1. But these models are often used in small offices or specialized centers.

Choosing a Laser Printer

Using a laser printer – it’s not only the quality but also comfort . Repair and maintenance of a standard laser printer is several times higher than the jet . By purchasing laser printers, few people think about the costs that may arise later . There are both color laser printers, as well as black and white.

Samsung ML- 2160 . Pretty cheap price , black-and- white printing with fast print speeds , minimal noise, maximum format A4. Printer, despite the low cost, would be great for home use as well as the Xerox Phaser 3010B.
 Canon LBP-7018C. The ability to print documents of various types. Limiting resolution of 600×2400 dpi, weight – 12 kg . Just like the Canon i-SENSYS, LBP- 5050 allows you to print on matte and glossy photo paper , transparencies, labels and envelopes.
 HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401a. High-speed printing , printing of all types of documents , the resolution 1200×1200 dpi.
EPSON AcuLaser C1700. Black-and- white and color printing. Printing on photo paper, film and labels.

Laser or inkjet printer, which one to choose , decide the buyer , focusing on their capabilities and goals. It should be noted that inkjet printers at the moment have become much more popular laser . They were also comfortable and easy. But if critical is the quality and speed , it is advisable to pay attention to laser printers .

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