How to repair the fuel tank

How to repair the fuel tank? – In modern times produced a huge number of all kinds of fuel tanks. Leading position in the production process belongs to the automotive industry. However, fuel tanks manufactured for vehicles differ in degree of strength, size, and material from which they were made.

Typically, the fuel tank in the car are in the area or the bottom or the trunk. Thus, they are in close proximity to the roadway, causing quite often subjected to damage of various kinds. This may be as a crack or dent and holes.

This is the main reason why all the major car industry so much attention to the problem, the main thrust of which is the material from which to make better fuel tanks, searching for an alternative between the strength of the tank and its weight. It’s not a secret that weighs more than the fuel tank, the worse are the dynamic characteristics of the car, as well as more fuel is consumed material.

How to repair the fuel tank

In the event that during the movement of you or any of your passengers felt a sharp smell of gasoline, you will in any case not continue driving. You should pull over and check the integrity of the vehicle’s fuel tank. It happens that the fuel tanks lose tightness due to corrosion, but most often it is due to the coating quality of our roads.

How to repair the fuel tank

Before you start to repair the tank must be drained out of him remaining fuel, and then wait until the tank is dry. In that case, if the fuel tank is located in a remote place, it should be removed. If your vehicle is installed a plastic fuel tank, there are two possible options for repair – by cold welding or using a soldering iron. In both cases, must first be sanded
damaged part of the tank sandpaper, and then degreased.

To repair a metal tank should apply cold welding for metal. As in the case of repair, plastic gas tank, it is first necessary to clean and degrease the damaged surface. Next, you need to cut an appropriately sized piece of cold welding and mash it. After 5 minutes, it will be in consistency similar to clay. Then apply this weight on the damaged portion of the fuel tank and flatten with a spatula. In the case of cold welding will not be effective, the deformation can be repaired using the welding machine. However, the process of its use requires a certain skill that not everyone possesses the ordinary motorist.

most cases, fuel tanks supply system consists of two components, obtained hood and welded seam welding on a bent rim. Metal fuel tanks is mild steel sheet coated with lead (or tinned). The new models of cars trend of using composite materials for the manufacture of fuel tanks. The use of composite materials reduces the weight of vehicles, as well as reduce the cost of the fuel tanks.

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