How to Repair a Car Horn

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How to Repair a Car Horn – Horns in a car can be a very useful feature , and something that requires immediate attention when it goes bad , it may be that the horn has become very weak and can hardly be heard, or maybe it blows constantly, even without pressing . For many people in trouble horn means a trip to the mechanic or electrician car, but it may not be necessary , because the problem may be simple , which can be easily fixed with no additional costs , you need to have some basic knowledge of electrical circuits for some horn problem, but if you have any problems with the horn , and I think you can manage the repairs yourself , here are some things you should do.

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If your problem is that you hit the horn and find that it stays on even after Let It Go, treatment can be as simple as hitting it again , there may not be anything wrong in the scheme , but the horns can simply stuck and pressed again , usually solve this problem. If blow horn does not work , the relay is usually the problem , the relay is not expensive or hard to change , so this is what you can do yourself or pay to do to be on the safe side .

How to Repair a Car Horn

For applications where the horn refuses to hit all , as a first step to check the fuse for the horn voltmeter, and then check the relay if the fuse problem to change it, and you’re done , if the change is in the works fuse Doesn ‘t open the hood and ask someone blow the horn for you , while you are listening to see if the sound coming from all the horns such as a faint hissing sound , or see if you can feel any vibrations in it, if you hear the sound or feel the vibration , check if there is a problem with the ground horns.

If there is no response whatsoever from the horn , using a screwdriver to adjust the adjusting screw on the horn and see if that does the trick , if none of these work , contact the horn directly to the battery using the connecting cable and replace the horn , if it still does not operate. When connected to the battery makes the horn , horn contact as usual, and check the voltage with a voltmeter when it is pressed , if the horn is supplied and there is no sound , replace the horn if the power does not get to the horn , check the wires connected to the horn to see if the circuit is broken somewhere .


It’s a good idea to keep a manual for your car next to the schematic diagram of the horn , so you can refer to it as needed. The manual will also tell you where your fuse box is located and what kind of change the fuse , if the fuse problem.

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