How to choose a netbook

How to choose a netbook

Pace of modern life requires individuals to mobile and versatile solutions. In order to keep pace with everyone, everywhere , to keep abreast of the latest developments and do not get distracted from your work , you need to have on hand mobile phone, laptop , broadband internet and a bunch of different gadgets to boot. If the prospect is to drag a laptop with you is not happy , it is best to get a device that can be called a compact or lightweight version of the laptop – netbook. On what the prospects open to you in possession of the device to choose a netbook and what its characteristics are worth paying attention to in the first place , you will learn from this article.

What is a netbook is and what it ” eat “

Netbook – a miniature notebook that provides the user a comfortable environment for working with office applications , web browsing, watching movies and solutions of other ” domestic ” problems . Thus, the main advantages of netbooks – small size , light weight, good battery life and low price.

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There are several versions of the names of these devices : a mini -notebook , small notebook and subnotebook even . Interesting fact : the original netbooks made ​​both low-end models for the Third World . But suddenly miniature laptops have become very popular, and all engaged in the production , who laziness .

Once in the computer shop , you can get confused by the diversity of models of netbooks and their modifications. But as they say , not all gold that glitters . We will be impartial and will try to help you understand how to choose a netbook .
Whatever you may say , but the size is always important !

The first parameter that will help you answer the question of how to choose a netbook – the screen size . Currently, netbooks are available with screens 8.9 – 13 inches ( larger screen – this is the laptop). Which option choose depends on the purpose for which you need the device . A lot and travel a lot , look for a compact, lightweight netbook? Take the “nine” . For a more comfortable working with office applications is better to stay  . After all , why spoil the vision ?

More – is better

Taking into account the fact that the netbook – the mobile device , battery life is coming to the fore . Average of netbooks – 5:00 , but there are models that can work without recharging for up to 12 hours. If you spend much time on the road, this may be the deciding factor .

You are sociable ? And your netbook?

No matter how you look, but for active communication with the outside worlds netbook should , at least , 3-4 USB ports . Otherwise it is necessary to attend to the acquisition of USB-hub .

Note the presence in the netbook module Bluetooth. It will be very useful if you want to be able to download photos from the phone to the netbook and vice versa without troubles with an adapter cable . Not knowing how to choose a netbook , pay special attention to the presence of an integrated module wifi ( in principle , it is in all netbooks ) , slot for Express Car. Well, if the netbook is built-in 3G module . However, such models are not worth a penny.

And what ‘s inside ?

The “heart ” of the majority of netbooks is a processor Intel Atom. This is not a “workhorse” , but a good energy-saving option that is able to surprise quite high office performance and also saves energy . As for the “RAM ” is not particularly clear up – either 1GB or 2GB . In principle , this is reflected in the price of essential. As for the size of the hard disk , it is better to be forward looking and immediately buy a device with a hard drive of 500GB .

operating system

Before the advent of “Seven » Windows virtually all of the mini – laptops running on Windows XP or free on Linux. So nobody really thought about how to choose a netbook . The latter option would be cheaper. If you are completely satisfied with it , buy a notebook with preinstalled Linux. To all those who still do not know how to choose a netbook , but are looking for enhanced functionality of the device , be sure to purchase the device on Windows 7. There are models that work on the two operating systems. A great example – Acer Aspire One Happy.

An overview of some low-end models

Samsung N100-MA02 – a compact 10 – inch device with great multimedia features . Due to its small size , the netbook does not take up much space , and therefore will be a reliable companion on any trip . The device has 2 ports USB 2.0, integrated Wi-Fi module and boasts good battery life .

Acer Aspire One AOD257-N57DQkk boasts a higher capacity battery and CPU frequency 1660 MHz . There is a built-in card reader 5-in- 1, which provides the ability to view photos and videos from a digital camera and transfer files.

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