How to troubleshoot the mixer work

Annoying nuisance-faucet-failure can happen in any apartment or House. But that is no reason for panic, this breakdown specialists is considered negligible. What does that mean? That with the work might well cope on your own host, using a standard set of tools, necessary materials and knowledge gleaned from this article.

How to solve the problem

leaking faucet

The reason of breakage is a small litter, which hits the ball sleeve between the seats and ball. Also trash can clog between the discs of the Cermet.

Option fix-replacing the cartridge. To do this, you must remove the blank button on the front of the lever. Then you will need to unscrew the fixing screw, which is located under the CAP. Lever is removed from the body of the mixer, and then worn cartridge is changed to a new one. In reverse order going to the mixer.

filing a weak stream of water

The cause of the problem is a clogged aerator.
The option of eliminating-purging the aerator. To do this, the device will need to be removed from the spout and wash, purge. After cleaning the aerator is set in place.

Major malfunction when switching the mixer “shower-bath»

Leaking from under the toggle button

Problem is a damaged seal.

Correction-replacement ring seal. To do this, you must head securely close the mixer valve, then disconnect the flexible hose and spout. With the stem removed button, and carefully to avoid damaging the coating rod. The adapter is removed using a metal rod. Retrieves the valve rod and removed the damaged ring-seal. In his place to install your new ring and collect the switch.

At the same time water flows into the shower and spout

spool switch worn gaskets.

How to troubleshoot the mixer work

Troubleshooting option is replacement of pads. If their only top pad, it is removed when you use the thin key, without the need to parse the switch. It is worth noting that the separate rubber rings for the switch are not sold. Kit with faucet spare two rings. As a temporary measure you can use home-made of hard rubber rings with diameter of 3-4 mm.

is damaged or worn rings push-button switch.

Troubleshooting option-replacing the rubber rings in the switch. To do this, close valve head mixer, spout detaches. Then into the hole in the adapter beware should enter the hex metal rod. When using the rod should rotate from the faucet adapter, and then remove the decorative cap and remove the command button, unscrew the screw. Wearing plastic valve rod you need to push and then change valve ring. Only after the work to assemble the switch.

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