How to pay off the mortgage capital parent

How to pay off the mortgage capital parent

At this point in our country there is a federal law under which an option of maternity capital is sending him to repay the loan prior to its purchase or construction of housing. It does not matter how long has passed from the date of the occurrence of a second child (and all subsequent). We will understand how to pay off mortgage money as the mother’s simple and clever.


First, mortgage repayment using maternity capital even possible if the party to the contract of loan – the male spouse, women who received capital.


The law determines that housing, acquired through the maternal capital must be common property. Therefore, you must provide a written commitment of home ownership of parents and children in the future.
Section of mortgage apartment in a divorce

Section of mortgage apartment in a divorce

It should be noted that when repaying a mortgage loan with no money paid maternity capital citizens themselves, and the Pension Fund. When the money will be transferred, the officer should notify the family.


The question of how to pay off the mortgage capital, and involves the mother’s knowledge of the list of the necessary documents. At this point the RPF should provide the following:
-Passport of the person holding the certificate on the mother’s capital and the certificate itself;
-loan agreement;
-a document which listed the balance owed on your mortgage (turns out in a credit institution);
-a certificate confirming the State registration of the ownership of the premises which was purchased with borrowed money;
-a written obligation of the entity (previously mentioned), that is, to change the common property (children, parents and other persons residing in the premises).

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