how to install a shower faucet

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Installing a shower faucet is very simple. The main feature of the shower faucet is its design, i.e. fastening and connecting the faucet is one element. This circumstance imposes certain restrictions, mainly on the installation of water pipes.

Most often, special strips or water sockets are used to install a shower faucet. The use of the bar is more convenient, because it is arranged in such a way that the inter center distance of the threads corresponds to the inter center distance of the nuts of the mixer. With water sockets it is more difficult and when installing them, it is necessary to take into account the inter center distance of the mixer nuts.

Installation of a shower faucet – a description of how easy it is to install a faucet

Complete with the shower faucet there are so-called eccentrics for installation. They are necessary to compensate for the errors in the location of water pipes, which is important when using water sockets. In the case of an installation bar, you can do without eccentrics, it will be enough to install adapters from 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch thread.

For the tightness of the connection of eccentrics with the water supply, it is necessary to make a reeling. At the junction of the eccentric and the shower faucet, rewinding is not required, because in this place a connection is applied through a gasket that ensures tightness.

When installing eccentrics, you should pay attention to their mutual location and inter center distance. The first ensures the smoothness of the installation of the mixer, the second quality of connection. If the center spacing is disturbed, the mixer at the connection point may leak.

Also, when installing the mixer, you should pay attention to two points. First, do not tighten the nuts of the mixer too much. If they are pulled, the gasket may deform and leak. Secondly, you should tighten the nuts carefully so as not to damage the decorative coating. To do this, you can wrap the sponges of the key with insulating tape.

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