A bit of Feng Shui for the living gently

A bit of Feng Shui for the living gently In the category Design houses Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about A bit of Feng Shui for the living gently.

Living space, whether narrow or wide, if the layout is more green trees, the water all angles of living-matter to spirituality-are elegant, vivid and more pleasant.

Current trends who also wish to be close to nature, people like to find yourself really relieved, escaping after the pressures of daily life. This creates the movement building grounds in their home campus. The water garden is increasingly popular in the modern home. A corner of the garden, stairs or the corner of the House, can bring green color, creating a relaxing space.

This not restraint even though the employer has a house extension to a marine area, or we just have a pitch angle. In any setting can also create a small stream or an am country. Where marine plants which are very easy to grow and care for. In addition to plants, also can put on pm the fountains, statues, decorative Tower. In am fish scene scenic swimming pool diving.

The lake water or fish tank, a home front also is very minor and the convergence point is preferred in the House well grounds. When arranging the tree bon sai-often follow the traditional world (almost all, d, marble, extra) because this is the logo the miniature view of the cosmic philosophy East method rather than merely decorative. Water in a country should be to enable the gas source, can tear, delighting human waterfall flow or overflow depending on characteristics, personality or a theme owner.

For townhouse or condo, area and gaps are often not enough to make a large tree planting and water that the am setting a low humidity causes in the House. So just use the fish tank has minor crops of small scenes.


Still am in water garden needs to have a relatively wide, at least 2 m x 1 m, depth 0.8-1.2 m. location you choose should be in place to easily see the scene from a window, balcony, living room The rain will help you the task of water change, but each year for at least 2-3 times you should also drain the old water, clean the motherly and flushing. The appropriate planting trees around the pond: hydraulic structures, banana, coconut, apricot Tracy scene, In the PM should flowers gun is easy to live trees, and the leaves xoe wide on the water.

A bit of Feng Shui for the living gently

State you can layout in a corner of the living room, the foot of the stairs. “the combination” painted-glass in the House as a little Pebble, a wooden trough to contain the water and herb branch creates artificial streams to you look at thought.

Things out, we have had occasion to say, but here what wanted to say more, although this is a topic that you can believe or not. Such is the professional that from ancient instruments were discussed, struck to withdraw the oral tradition. Such is the Feng Shui, that here is a combination of trees, the water, the works.

Folk said: Rustic, aquatic plants can not live and thrive without water. In the green tree layout for Ocean, need to see green trees and water are the two inseparable elements, additional, mutually to each other. The tree is the ocean, the reception of light called Ocean Optics and absorbent from soil (Yin) therefore looked at the tree view is the Earth circuit thanks to the contact Cards similar Rustic born. Traditional housing layout in the green-water-works according to the Feng Shui is from ports in the front yard there Lake (or Lotus pond) is located south of the land, i.e. the top of the wind cool to put the steam in the home. Green tree adjacent the water usually is low (vegetable garden, flower garden) or deciduous tall trees (betel Palm, coconut).

In terms of modern housing, if there is an area of land (Garden House, Villa) it should be based on the Music in and out of the House to the layout of crops and water. To balance the Yin Yang we could supplement the defective element of the House thanks to the water and greenery. Usually when the House has more square straight strokes, the trees, the water should be soft. If the form of cube and flat (computer Audio), should follow the circular and spherical (PC).

About the color green, too, should harmonize Yin Yang House colors, for example tree leaves featured dark house party bright colors, or dark capital should supplement the bright leaf plants to balance again. In the case generated so many lush, dark plate at night need additional lights, Garden lights to reduce computer audio.

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