How be effective more in your workday

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Would you like to be effective in your workday?. Don’t have to add hours to the day, simply is to use some techniques and get out of every minute. Here are some tips.

How be more effective work

If you are concerned that day seems that you does not surrender even though you work hard or you rise increasingly earlier, if your earrings never diminish but increase and the feeling you have is of frustration because you think you should be more effective in your workday, stay quiet, are not the only one in this world with this problem.

Many employees, business owners and entrepreneurs manifest this same experience, and at the end of the day they feel dissatisfied. They believe (as insurance to you also) “that the time does not reach”. Rather than ask the sky that we add more hours to the day, it would be good to learn and put into practice some techniques so you can achieve every minute to render the most.

The idea is not to do more in less time, but you approaches in what is important and necessary. This strategy takes the name of “simplistic”, and helps us to distinguish what is essential and to eliminate what is not important. I.e., if we focus on the key, we will have a balanced and successful professional and personal life.

5 keys to be efficient in your labor day

According to the creator of the technique of simplification, Greg McKeown, in his book “Essentialism”, the keys to be more effective in your working hours are:

eliminate the noise

It doesn’t mean that we have to put the earphones to isolate us from the world and what happens to our round, although this may be necessary from time to time, but to make your work simpler.
Insurance know the saying that “less is more”. To have a productive day you don’t have to get more done in less time, but you can choose what tasks to carry out. Identifies the difference between what serves you and what not, selects the essential and investing your time intelligently. It is a great effort, but it will bring good results so it is worthwhile to try.

How be effective more in your workday

learn to say that not

Insurance will last you ever ask yourself why I accepted this task?. Who has sent me to say yes to this activity?. From now on, before treat one thing, ask yourself whether you can fulfill the order according to the time and resources available. If not you automatically answer “Yes”, then it rejects the request. Just stay with the valuable projects for your business or undertaking, and soon those around you more respect your work and you will appreciate more than ever before. It is only a matter of learning to say ‘no’ at the right time.

do not give in to pressures

It is more than likely that you live surrounded by pressures by people close. This “paradox of success” happens when we commit ourselves to do homework, although we consider unnecessary or little relevant, we accept them to avoid problems or leave happy to those around us. Do not say that if only to please the other: what you and your feelings? They are also very important.

You do not sacrifice your own happiness for leaving happy all over the world, and this does not mean that you are selfish, but if you start to think a little more in your priorities and what you want for your life. Don’t feel guilty saying a negative; always have to say that not with determination, firmness and elegance.

focus on solving problems

Another key to be more effective in your workday is to pay attention first to what you happens to you and fix what you are “bothering”. You can that you’ve taken the role or role of “repairing” of other problems and that speaks well of you, however, does not help you to make the most of your day. Of course, because others will be happy with their determined things, but your list of outstanding will be the same as the day before (or more bulky).

Do not let others get your energy and your time, first focus on your problems and once you have finished them, deviate toward each other.

 estimate twice as long to finish a task

When long ago that we are in a same category or company we know how long it will take end of certain activity. However, we must not guided by that experience. If something takes you 10 minutes, in your diary consider 20 minutes. If you do it in 10, perfect, if it takes you 15, you will have 5 minutes “grace” for the next task. In this way, you will not live in a constant state of guilt, stress and pressure.

Never underestimate at the time that it will take you to do a task, the imponderables are the order of the day and can appear when you least expect it. Or when more late you are!
Do you realized that it is possible to be more effective in your workday? You have to begin to comply with the keys listed in this article. You won’t need 5 hours more per day!

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