How to hide the heating pipes

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How to hide the heating pipes

Today the houses are built based on the latest designs , and heating pipes they may already be hidden. But most of the residents live in apartments built 20-30 years ago. For this reason, the heating pipes , water pipes and other engineering structures can significantly spoil the interior of the premises .

At the moment, developed a lot of different ways to hide the heating pipes . They are all different from each other , so everyone , based on their financial capacity and design preferences can choose the appropriate method of masking.

To choose how to decorate the pipe in your apartment, it is first necessary to answer the following questions. What are the dimensions of a space under the pipe for installing the box (width , height , depth) ? What is the average temperature prevails in the apartment during the heating season ? If the room is cool , then you need to select the option of disguise, who will miss the warm air in sufficient quantity for better heat the apartment. If the heating pipes are located under the window, is it possible to do an unusual design of curtains to hide ?

The layout of heating pipes in the wall

Before installing the heating wall , you need to carefully draw up its scheme and provide all the details. To hide the pipe in the wall , it is necessary for them to lay channels . In this case, you can use the hammer  . To start, get the measurements of the diameters of pipes with insulation installed and add them one by one centimeter on all sides. This is in order then to patch up their solution. It is best to put the insulation directly, but you can later just have to cut it lengthwise. Pipes should be carefully fixed after they are mounted. This is followed by a test and then everything is worked thoroughly . To further prevent damage to the repair of pipe lines , it is necessary upon completion of the executive to make the scheme networks.

Plasterboard construction to mask pipes

Pretty good way to hide the heating pipes is the construction design of the drywall. This method of masking communications heating of plastic or polypropylene pipe can not only perfectly close all heating ducts , and provide a trouble free access to them in case of any emergency.

Before the construction of this structure must be investigated for the presence of various defects in the surface of the heating pipes. In the event that it is desirable to remove them immediately . Also, do not be amiss to protect the heating pipes special additional waterproofing membrane. You can use polyethylene foam that is cut lengthwise, then firmly pressed directly to the heating pipes . Designated gaps and joints can still seal the usual tape.

How to hide the heating pipes

After all this preparatory work to begin construction of a special frame for drywall construction. It can be made of galvanized profiles , as well as the use of fasteners , screws and anchor screws .

Wooden timber may also be a material for this frame . Timber must be pre- impregnated with linseed oil or a special water-repellent . After that, with screws in increments of 25-30 cm frame ready sheathed with plasterboard directly .

Unusual ways of disguising the heating pipes

For fans of the Baroque style can be used stucco . This method of hiding pipes give a unique and original atmosphere of the room. A unique way to transform a space for devotees of high-tech style – complete heating system chrome grille . For those who want to use the room restrained natural colors and materials ideal lattice of wooden bars .

Curtain – another fairly easy option to hide pipes , and you can choose unusual and non-trivial tulle . This method is good because the heat and gets into a room with pipes and radiators effectively covered.

In some cases, the ideal solution to the challenge , how to disguise pipe heating will be building a special internal partitions . Most of its normal erected wall panels, a space which is inside them, can be filled with sound insulating building material. A disadvantage of this method is that the wall is sometimes rather big part of the space .

In this case, it makes a variety of lighted niches and shelves . So it will blend in perfectly with the room, and to emphasize the atmosphere of coziness .

In some cases, the heating pipes hide out for special perforated hinged screens. People with a vivid imagination can think up interesting details for the heating system . For example, a pastiche of a heating duct under the tree would be a great option for decorating a child’s room . In the living room you can simply paint the heating pipes in the color of the room walls .

How to hide the pipes in the bathroom ?

The question of hiding pipes in the bathroom is not only beauty and originality, but also hygiene. Because of the increased moisture and temperature in this room are covered pipes unflattering dark patina . There are several ways to remedy this situation .

When is the dismantling of the old wall and the installation of a new Rooms‘ is the best way to pipe in the wall. Under the tube is cutting grooves , so you can save significant space .

Conduit Pipe is the most practical option , as it allows to close the pipe and at the same time , in case of a leak or malfunction of systems that have access to sanitation .

Quite effective , but also troublesome option is remodeling a bathroom. It is recommended to create a podium for the bath and the resulting space to hide the pipe.

So, there are many options disguise pipes in the apartment. The main approach to be creative , and then your apartment will be transformed for the better.

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