Inexpensive and fast basement waterproofing

Inexpensive and fast basement waterproofing

Inexpensive and fast basement waterproofing – Especially if the climatic and geographical characteristics of the terrain suggest massive ” attack” on the water masses cellars. This is especially important for older buildings : the problem of flooding in the lower floors of this case, it is very crucial. With new homes , everything is easier if done in a timely manner hydro protection project , you can create a very effective integrated system. Good waterproofing should include several distinctive components: external and internal waterproofing, drainage system. Sometimes it is enough internal waterproofing . Produce it as follows .

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Treated surface is moistened by any means , and then carefully applied waterproofing composition . The essence of the protection is simple: in the material closes all the pores and pinholes , and therefore the water to get inside just can not . This method is sometimes called penetrating hydro protection method that many experts recognized as one of the most effective . If in some periods the water enters the basement in large quantities , and its head is essential , can not do without a good , even a professional, drainage system. In the basement floor covering made ​​holes , and then they go deep , forming a drainage hole. Waterproofing , the more effective will these deeper wells . Pipes that are used in this system , special design masked the raised floor .

Waterproofing Your Basement

Installing pipes often recommended , for example, at intervals of about half a meter. Popular, and often mandatory event protection from moisture basement waterproofing is external . After all, most leaks and flooding begins with the penetration of moisture through the outer waterproofing. Strengthen the protection of the basement in this way can the design stage. The first step is to create a special drainage system with a certain number of the well. The system will be located at a distance of five feet from the exterior walls of the basement.

From the outside , or external as esch said side walls are mounted fasteners , which will form the basis for any waterproofing material . Thereafter, the entire structure is filled with the solution in any modern repellent . Perfectly suited for this purpose modern bitumen. It should be noted that those materials which are often used for basement waterproofing , represent a whole separate group of materials. They should have a whole set of specific properties . For example , one such specific but effective materials is a film- membrane material , which is relatively expensive , but efficient.

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