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Fences and fencing

Fences can perform the following functions , which certainly affects their appearance :

Fencing the site from neighboring estates ;
The division of land into functional areas ;
Fencing that perform special functions : protection from the wind section , the support for climbing plants , creating a shaded corner , garden retaining wall erected on a site with difficult terrain .

The construction of the fence around the new site , as well as its repair often requires considerable financial investment , so the choice of materials for its construction also take into account the available funds . Properly constructed of stone and brick walls with carefully bred corners and moldings , subsequently require only little maintenance . Conversely , fences made ​​of wood and metal structures in the future will require regular care – a primer or paint – to protect against rot and rust.

corrugated metal fence panels metal fence posts

In this section, we discuss the possibility of using a particular type of fencing in your garden.

capital fence

Around the area , especially on the side of the street , usually built main walls , which , in addition to fencing , perform more windproof and soundproofing function. Capital fence constructed of durable building materials such as bricks , concrete blocks and stone. The height of the fence should be at least 1.5 m on top of brick and stone fences erected crowning cornice, which hang on the walls and serve to drain rain . Typically crowning rods operate from the same material as the walls .

Massive fence can be decorated arches and niches for flower beds. On the inner side fences capital often parked solid seat of the same material as the barrier itself . Supporting bars decorated balls flowerpots and containers with colors or simply plates stacked so that the edges on all sides hanging pole. Solid fences are necessary to ensure good lighting, signaling and reliable input. At too high a solid fence on the inside of the courtyard is advisable to do a few steps to the case when it is necessary to look outside .


Fences are less robust and massive structures. They are elegant in appearance, they are easier to build , so they are more common in suburban areas . Any fence consists of spans ( runs ) , the supporting pillars and the inlet ( gate or gates ) . Sometimes, the supporting pillars and beams made ​​of a construction material , in other cases recourse to a combination of compatible materials. Usually spans combined fences made ​​of wood or iron, and the supporting columns – made ​​of stone , concrete or brick.

The strength of the fence can be increased if the lungs spans set up on a plinth of stone or brick. On flat terrain height and width of the base should be 30-50 cm In the course of the construction of the cap every 6-9 m lay the supporting pillars of the same material . Every 2-3 m base wall in the intermediate poles, made ​​of wood or iron.

If your site is located on a plain , it should be remembered that the open spaces are the sites for the circulation of strong winds. Therefore, in the open set sparse fences, permeable to wind. Solid fences cause a sharp rise in air flow and its equally sharp drop on the other side of the fence , which creates turbulent and destructive downdrafts .

Sparse fence slows the wind dissipates its energy. The height of the fence windscreen depends on the size of the site and refers to the last 1:10 . For example, a 1.5 m high fence will protect the area up to 150 m downwind .

The color of the fence is dictated by the architectural style of the ensemble , and prevailing in the area (the color of residential buildings , commercial buildings and decorative ) . Fences at the landscape area can be left unpainted , in their original form. Classic enclosure typically require decorative finishes, including coloration. The most common , but not the best paint for the fence – green .

With a green fence not mix vegetable plantings. Optimal fence , painted in a light brown, yellow and gray. And often use white paint . Metal fences are best painted in black color using water-resistant black paint or varnish based on bitumen .

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