What if the washing machine flows

What if the washing machine flows

If flows washing machine, it is necessary to solve this problem as soon as possible. Even if the washing machine is leaking not much is still not worth the repair postponed for later. Because flow may at any time, for example, escalate and flood the neighbors below or close anything inside cars and ruin electronics, and the repair will be much more expensive.

What to do if you have noticed a puddle under the washer, then the best option would be to stop the wash cycle and drain the water using the appropriate programs in Control Panel. Next, you override the separate faucet water supply to the washing machine and to call into the shop to invoke the wizard.

The main reasons why washing machine flows

In the design of the washing machine there are many compounds that may eventually lose the tightness damaged and begin to leak. We would like to mention the cheap Chinese washing machines where save even on terminals and hermetic. So don’t be surprised if immediately after purchase will find leaking in such a machine.

Consider several variants of leaking washing machine and determine possible causes.

Appears water under the washer centered or closer to the front

Generally, if the washing machine ran underneath, then the reason for this could be breakage of any pipe inside cars or decompression of any connection. It is not ruled out further damage to flow the drain pump. In this case, the wizard will assess the machine and will include machine and look for the leak.

If the washing machine flows from the door and the water appears closer to the front of the machines (especially during spin cycle), that is, the probability of damage (puncture, cut) cuff for sealing hatch. Here is likely to require replacement of the seal (rubber). In some cases, the cause of leaks may be leaky hatch area around the washing machine.

Washing machine flows water while typing

Sometimes a situation when a leak from the washing machine appears mostly during water set, i.e. at the beginning of the wash cycle. This indicates that the problem may be with a tray for powder or hose located beside him.

The powder tray may eventually clog detergents, which are often not all washed in the washing process. Gradually, the water holes become clogged and the water simply have not time from tray to get further into the tank of a washing machine. In such cases, saying “the washing machine flows from the dispenser.

Another problem with it is that, over time, become clogged and blocked by lime water supply holes that are just above the powder dispenser. As a result, the trickle of water from the holes change their direction and water pours past the powder tray.

Washing machine is leaking in the area of the back wall

In a situation where the washing machine started leaking in the area of the rear wall, then there may be a number of reasons.

What if the washing machine flows

Cause of leak detection in the back part may be broken-down bearing or sealing gland. Here indiscriminately machines cannot do. Rotate the drum of the washing machine off by hand. Extraneous noise sound is audible “dry” bearing, easy cut? Then call the wizard, but otherwise still water can get into the engine, located just under the tank, and then will take another and engine repair.

It is possible that the washing machine started because of a damaged valve. It is located in the upper part, immediately near the place where the water hose connects. Over time, the valve may be damaged or destroyed, sealing gum.

Why else could leak washing machine

It happens that due to aging, poor quality or mechanical damage leaking hoses or drain the water. The fact of the matter is that they are behind the washing machine and often hidden from the eye. Leaking water hose (which is attached to the top of the trimmer) is checked with a set of water. Leaking drain hose (attached to typing at the bottom), you can check when pouring water. Just watch the hoses several minutes.

Sometimes in a washing machine filter flows. Then there is water leaking into bottom filter area in the front part of the machine. This usually happens after self cleaning filter. Perhaps the reason is simple and banal is poorly spun filter and possibly damaging the o-ring or carving. If you are not sure is better, of course, call a specialist.

In conclusion

As you can see, the reason washing machine leaks a lot, and in some cases washer flowing in multiple places simultaneously. Therefore, when a leak is detected, call our master of washing machines. He sort out the causes of leaks, and will come up with the best solution.

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