Frequently asked questions of personal injury settlement

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Frequently asked questions of personal injury settlement

In fact, there is neither a minimum nor a maximum for the liquidation of the damage. On the other hand, the cost of arrangement for a personal injury case is based on many factors, as the nature of the injury, the severity of the injury, the cost of “economic damage” (lost wages, medical expenses, the trauma), and the time range of the lesion is expected to last.

Q: are medical bills included in a body (or staff) the damage claim?

A: install your demand for personal injury should include all types of injury or damage to your disposal. Otherwise, you may lose your right to recover those losses.


The World Health Organization recommended personal accident insurance

Included in “economic damage” are medical bills, lost wages, expenses of car rental and other specific financial burdens. General damages are suffering, pain, suffering, anguish and humiliation.


Q: can my lawyer solved my case of injury without my permission?

A: If you have signed a retention agreement with your lawyer, you can use it to solve their case even that without asking him to do so. With it, you can also sign the agreement and agreement of release on your behalf. Unless you have signed the agreement and release agreement, the case can be removed especially if his lawyer decided to install without your consent. If payments have already been sent to lawyer, funds should be sent back to you.


Q: I have access to my son agreement personal injury money?

A: parents usually do not have access to funds from the liquidation of their children. This is because there are parents who used their children money for their own personal benefit, so that the protection of this money has been established by law.


It is the Court who will keep child settlement money in a “blocked account” Bank until she turns 18. Withdrawals from the blocked accounts, sometimes will be allowed, if funds are needed for the child’s care and well-being. If the Court is convinced that the funds are actually used for the benefit of the minor, then there will be no problem withdrawing funds.

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