Repair paint chips on vehicle

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Repair paint chips on vehicle

Hello ! Currently, repair chips for cars can be made independently. Remember that in the period of use of the car it can be subjected to various environmental stresses . Now the most common ways to damage the car paint is peeling .

So what should you do in order to remove the chips on your car yourself. In order to remove the chipped paint , you must have abrasive sandpaper , a set of special tools , special paint, paint to restore the surface of the paint on the car. Before you begin to paint must be well prepared the damaged area by car. The first thing you need to do is to clean up the damaged area with water cleavage with a solvent or special detergent. Before you take the chipped paint, you need to examine your view of the coating , it is necessary to find out what to do next , and you can paint this place again cleaved or not.

If during the inspection of your car you have found traces of corrosion, they can be removed with sharp blades with rust . Once you have cleared the corrosion of the blade must be sanded paper that location cleavage and then apply a primer and then paint the damaged area of cleavage coated with lacquer and secure .

Repair paint chips on vehicle

Keep in mind that the paint or varnish can form lumps and they must be removed in the process of grinding. During the grinding chips of paint to use large amounts of water . All the work you have to perform accurately, without having to press and be sure to monitor the condition of the surface. Note that when the top layer of unnecessary erased , you should dry the treated areas and then cover it with putty and then sanded . It is best to repair chipped paint on the car was doing a professional course but if you do not have extra money to pay for the job then you will be given work to do on their own. Remember that without colorants drugs you can not remove the chipped paint. But for this purpose you have to purchase all the necessary sets of tools that will help to tint your car .

How to Fix Paint Chips

Usually, this package includes:

– Accessories for removing scratches ( 2 cans of paint and brushes ) . Before using a set of necessary tools, you should always wash and degrease the damaged area . If your cleavage is too deep then you can not do without priming of the site , then you should place the cleavage dried. Now this is the most difficult repair chips on vehicle . And before you make a decision and place chipping paint yourself you need to know to apply the paint brush is very difficult, and before you open a can of paint you need to shake it well .

Remember that when the paint chips and scratches applied to the damaged area , you need it to dry for twenty minutes.

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