Touch ID receive functional touchpad

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Touch ID receive functional touchpad – Fingerprint reader Touch ID new technology tested in iPhone 5s. Apple introduced a new patent in the office with a lot of improvements sensor Touch ID. Apple’s application describes the ability to integrate directly into the touchpad Touch ID for managing content on the display device. By integrating touchpad Touch ID, users can navigate through the menu and control certain smartphone applications , thus the problem is solved by expanding the boundaries of traditional controls iPhone. IPhone 5 manual key repair key do it yourself review.

The patent application contains the possibility of integration in Touch ID , the touch sensitivity of the sensor , which may be useful for the development of new games. More interesting revision from Apple – to log on to websites using data Touch ID. In the next generation iPhone is waiting for us highly modified sensor Touch ID, and planned to implement functions dazzling. Application for the iPhone displays keek cake more sections show by State.

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