Detectors buried wires metal wood and plastic pipes

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Detectors buried wires metal wood and plastic pipes

Since repair of the house is often quite difficult to determine what might be inside the walls, with which you intend to run . Usually such knowledge are needed for drilling holes or those needs. And no matter where the work is done – in the old building Stalinist buildings , or when the repair townhouses built last year – careless actions related to the implementation of the holes in the wall, can sometimes lead to a rather unpleasant consequences in the form of damaged electrical wiring, water pipes or broken drill bits with unexpected contact with the armature.

All of these factors were a prerequisite for the emergence of such devices as detectors for various purposes .
Detectors flush

The main function of these detectors is to find wiring. Using this equipment , you can just install the existing scheme of power lines in the wall, and protect yourself from getting a drill in the cable. Agree , it is unpleasant to be hit by an electric current through negligence , and the replacement of a broken cable can take a lot of working time.

metal Detectors

Will not be happy , perhaps, drill and hit a metal armature , or tap or even a gas pipe , if the repair is carried out in a bathroom or kitchen. In the best case you mess up a drill, and at worst – break water system or pipeline . To avoid such troubles are metal detectors . They react with metal barriers , and, in fact , are “brothers” above detectors wiring.
detectors tree

Such devices are useful , for example, when performing repairs in homes made ​​of wooden constructions. The detector tree will quickly find support for plasterboard walls, or , on the contrary , it is useful to identify the location of a bar, which is attached to the finishing material .
plastic detectors

Useful when maintenance work in a modern house , where sewer and water systems are made of plastic tubing .

But the best option for the work in the building of any type and with communications of various material production become universal detectors . This equipment allows you to easily find any foreign objects , probing the walls of electromagnetic radiation. After all, the electrical properties of each material are different and are easily identified by an electromagnetic field. Work with such a detector does not seem like a difficult and dangerous , and will be a pleasant, does not require much effort and loss of working time.

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