How to properly install a bathtub and connect it to the sewer network

How to properly install a bathtub and connect it to the sewer network In the category DIY Plumbing Repair Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about How to properly install a bathtub and connect it to the sewer network.

Experts say that the bath must be installed on certain foothold-whether it supports, legs, or any other device. Thanks to these devices is provided by the distance from the bottom edge of the bath (namely its drain) to the floor at least 145 mm.

Remember-the bath supports “must also be firmly enshrined, resistant and withstand load (mechanical) at 100 kg.

Baths set on legs (6104), mounted on the net (“with trim) Paul. You then measure the distance from floor to top of the side of the bath on its four corners. The difference in measurements (maximum and minimum rates) should be no more than 4 mm.

When you install baths, care should be taken to strike a certain slope bottoms baths to outlet (2 cm to 1 m in length), which is provided by water flow in siphon. For this tub is partially filled with water (10 l.), and then merge it. In so doing, siphon must leave absolutely all the water.

When installing bathtubs are the following:

pre-planning installation sites, as well as the connection of the device,
to attach to the tub floor siphon with overflow and release, it lay on its side,
to achieve joint seals of spillway holes-it protects top and bottom rubber pads,
the next stage through the gasket to the bath attach the siphon (hydraulic shutter) floor type
carrying out installation of a siphon, simultaneously to the bath (if the device is attached to pipelines made of steel), attach one end of the leveller electric potentials,
the next stage is set and through the gasket is fixed to attach overflow pipe overflow,
to the bottom of the bathtub fasten 4 legs (supports)
siphon joins the drainage sewer,
installing the bath on its intended placement, align the drain to slope (in accordance with established standards) and secure it,
drainage of sewage pipes need to be put on the sealing ring made of rubber, and then insert the elbow into the socket so that the pipe was well recorded in the system,
After performing all works on Mount bath must be connected to ground the second leveller end electric potentials.

The bath must be installed at a certain height:

500 mm-indoors, which enjoyed “persons with disabilities travelling with wheelchairs or other devices as well as the preschool
500 mm-in children’s hospitals, as well as school buildings,
600 mm-in industrial, public and residential buildings.

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