Modern water treatment filters for cottages

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Modern water treatment filters for cottages – Or they come to his cottage for the summer period , or permanently settle out of town , but always want to maintain a decent level of comfort , which was their home. So often people acquire equipment which makes life comfortable and familiar . Often , that without such purchases , life is not going well at all .

This applies to water . Often the central water supply on which would be constantly fed water faucet at home, in the village or township no . However, the technology of our day can help make water purification system is no different and not conceding urban systems. The spigot , you just use water as a base.

The main one is the very source from which water flows . For country cottages and dwelling houses abstraction can be exceptionally well . And this is due to several reasons . In Moscow , for example , underground water, which enter the wells may have a mass of not just undesirable impurities and sediment and dangerous and very harmful to health . This explains why good water purification system in a country house or dacha just needed for a comfortable and secure life .

For devices such water purification system you need different sets of filters from coarse to fine water , which come in several forms :

– On the basis of the first working reagent ( chemical);
– Second use physical processes ;
– Third run on a combination of both.

Chemical filters purification reagents require regeneration or restoration of properties . In this case, the chemical solution . It may differ depending on each reagent used . The regeneration solution is discharged into the sewer upon the passage of the chemical reagent . If this solution comes in the treatment plant , in which the processing of sewage effluent by different bacteria , it will simply destroy all the beneficial microorganisms.

If the filters are working without a reagent that will not be required and regeneration. Therefore , whenever possible, to choose exactly need such filters . To buy a normal water filter worth primarily produce bacteriological and chemical analysis of water . Based on the criteria for such verification, it is already possible to select the desired filter type with the required performance . Performing such studies of water will be available , from which impurities have to deliver water from a source .

Here are the criteria to consider when choosing equipment distribution system :
– The overall performance of the system in use should have time to clean as much water as needed for consumption;
– The higher the rate of filtration of water passed through the filter media inside the filter , the faster the water-purifying process ;
– Do not skimp on this kind of equipment, due to the fact that not only the efficiency of appliances depends on its quality, but also the health of you and your loved ones.

Any water treatment system may contain filters , mechanical treatment ( removal of impurities ) , sorption (absorption of odors ) , disinfection , ozonation , deferrization (oxidation ) , as well as a water softener (ion exchange) . We must know that filter elements do not work forever. Filter efficiency will depend on the timely addition of new services and consumables.

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