how to build a fence

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how to build a fence

Buying a country house – a dream of many people. And when that dream comes true , it immediately becomes necessary to make some adjustment and improvement. One of such urgent cases is attributed the erection of the fence.

Fences come in different types of brick, stone , wood or corrugated galvanized iron. From the point of view of practicality and affordability would be best is making a fence of wood. Properly made ​​and painted fence can serve you for many decades.

A wooden fence is different – it can be as simple as a fence of solid edging boards and fence , collected from the polished wood under the varnish , which looks impressive and stylish .

Construction technology of wooden fence

By the construction of the fence should be taken very seriously and carefully think through each step . We will give you step by step instructions that will help build a reliable and beautiful wooden fence .

All fences are of two types: with or without foundation . We recommend that you make a fence with the foundation , it will allow the design to serve much longer and be more functional.

How to Build a Fence

construction Stages

Carefully mark up the location of the future of the fence.

To do this, trying to drive the pegs into the ground and stretch the meter between them strong Nylon thread . Doing it for the entire length of the fence of the future .

Preparing the foundation pit under the fence.

During the construction of the fence , we will use the foundation of reinforced concrete piles. This foundation is relatively inexpensive and easy to construction .

Mark up every meter and a half space under the pile foundation. This distance depends on the severity of the fence. If the fence is out of the fence , you can do a little more distance , if it is a heavy fence edging the board, then do the foundation for every meter .

how to build a fence

We take ordinary garden auger and dig a hole two feet deep and a foot in diameter . Laying them desyatimillimetrovuyu rebar and form shuttering of tar paper or cardboard to a height of ten centimeters.

How to Build a Fence
Fill the foundation and insert bracket for fixing the lag cross the fence.

Shed grout . After a while , when the solution becomes harder to insert a metal corner 30 by 30 millimeters for fixing lag cross the fence. Elevation angle must be equal to the height level of the upper lags future fencing. Wait till five days until the grout .

Mount the cross joists to secure the fence .

Making the work piece under logs , we can use this timber three-by- three centimeters. Cut to length and fasten nuts on the corners . As soon as they touched up with paint. Give it to dry completely .

How to build a wood fence

Prepare stuffing and fence .

To do this, it sanded to remove any burrs and knots, liquid paint over wood cracks and irregularities. Carefully mark up the attachment points picket , start without haste and gently tamp it on the pre -marked areas .
To stain the entire fence completely and admire your work .

Our recommendations are based on a real construction experience and allow you to make a good quality fence that will last for decades.

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