What to do if your computer stops working?

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What to do if your computer stops working? – A terrible way to start a day : you press the power button on the computer and nothing happens . Few computer problems are more frustrating than when your computer will not boot .

There are many reasons why a computer will not turn and often very few clues about what might be the problem . The only symptom is usually the simple fact that ” nothing works ” , ie has stopped working “out of nothing ” .

Add to this the fact that what is wrong can be an expensive part of your PC to replace , as the motherboard or CPU problem and is done to end your day . But fear not , because all is not lost! Here’s what you need to do .

But an important note : all of these problems that the ” computer will not start ” apply no matter what Windows operating system you have installed on your hard drive , including Windows 8 , Windows 7 , Windows Vista and Windows XP . The steps also apply to other PC operating systems such as Linux .

Do not panic ! Your files are probably OK !

When faced with a computer that will not start , most people tend to panic , fearing that all data on your PC are gone forever .

It is true that the most common reason a computer will not start because it is a piece of hardware has failed or is causing a problem , but it is true that the hardware is not usually a hard drive , the part of the computer that stores all your files.

In other words , your music, documents , emails and videos are probably safe not only accessible at the moment.

So take a deep breath and try to relax . There is a good chance you can find out exactly why your computer does not work and then make it work again .

Important !

Each computer has different settings . Therefore, the solutions given here may or may not work. They are related to the most common problems that occur with a computer and most importantly, the simplest problems and possibilities to fix these problems .

Research your problem with friends and the internet

If you had a problem with your computer , there is 100 % certainty that someone has had a similar or same problem. So , talk to friends and search the internet for the problem you had on your computer . Since your computer is not working , use a friend or family member for this search .

What to do if your computer stops working

Search quite the various possibilities for your problem and if you try to fix your computer yourself , keep the instructions by your side at all times . Things can go wrong very quickly if you’re not careful and follow the right steps .

Refer to your computer manual or parts of it

If you kept the manuals of your laptop or your desktop mounted parts , refer them to common problems that can happen to your computer . Many motherboards have built a system of codes that might indicate where the problem of your computer . From knowing the cause , it becomes easier to find the solution .

Use the disc of your operating system

The disk operating system typically has some resources to recover computers that are not working . Be the restoration of your system , recovery system boot or repair your operating system . Simple, fast and practical.

Clean Your Computer

Literally . Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dirt from your computer . Do not use any chemicals or any liquid product. Use a dry cloth and vacuum cleaner. Take note of doing it all alone with the computer unplugged from any power source .

As much as this may seem a very basic problem . But it’s more common than you think dirt disrupt the contacts of the circuit and help your computer to overheat your computer . This can be the cause of burn some parts or even the entire path . In fact , the dirt may have already burned some part of your computer . Cleaning can also help to improve the performance of your PC or laptop .

Save your files

If you do not already use a program storage in the cloud to save your important files , you need to remove your hard drive and use it on another computer to have access to your files . You can also use an external HD case that has a USB output to save your files . If you can not access your hard drive that way , chances are that your hard drive is physically damaged or burned . This way , the only way to save your files , you are paying for a specialized company to recover your files in a very expensive procedure .

Call a professional

The above tips only work if you have some knowledge of computers . For anyone who has no or if the above tips did not work knowledge, you should call a professional . This tip also applies to those who have your computer under warranty .

However, just look for professionals who are your friends or authorized service providers . We do not recommend any other type of technical assistance, which may cause problems for you and even more for your computer . Only refer to a technician if you really trust him .

final Thoughts

Whatever the problem , be always prepared for the worst . With computers , everything is possible .

Have you had a serious problem with your computer ? How you solved the problem ? Share with us in the comments space below.

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