Laser rangefinder Bosch GLM 30 Professional

Still hot novelty in professional laser shutters of Bosch GLM models are 30 Professional and GLM 100 Professional. The second is clearly more sophisticated than the two models, with nearly twice as large measuring range and greater accuracy, and mostly features with the ability to wirelessly transfer of measured data to a tablet or Smartphone etc. This, of course, is given on the higher price repeatedly. That’s why we chose to present it in greater detail in the next issue of the magazine, here we focus on the GLM model 30 Professional.

Bosch GLM 30 Professional is the professional laser rangefinder, permitting measurement of distances up to 30 m with an accuracy of ± 2 mm. Minimum distance that can be measured is 15 cm. Thanks to its compact size (105 x 41 x 24 mm) and weight with batteries of only 100 grams, it is very comfortable to wear, because it fits in every pocket. Adapted for use in an unfavorable environment, characteristic, for example, construction site, as has protection class IP 54. This means that it is protected against penetration of dust inside the unit to an extent that could impair its ability to work is protected against penetration of water, regardless of the direction from which they come.

The most characteristic feature of this laser rangefinder is that measurements are performed with a single button, instead of several, as is the usual solution. This decision greatly facilitates the work with the tape accordingly, including for people with no experience with such a tool, and a measurement becomes faster. The first pressing includes the power to the tape accordingly, second press activates the laser beam, while the third measurement is performed and the value is displayed on the screen.

Detector Bosch d-tect 150 professional

The other feature of this model, which distinguishes it from other laser shutters, is the feature of automatic aggregation of consistently measured distances. It shall be written on the first of the three rows of the display, while the rest are shown last measured values. In this way, at any time the operator sees a sumiranata value of individual measurements, measurement becomes much more quickly, and that is very important – the possibility of errors in transmission of individual results and their collection of hand’s off. At a subsequent press of the button the memory of the appliance is reset and the next measurement starts with a clean slate. Automatic aggregation of consistently measured distances is typical and most often performed in activities such as enacting various kinds of installations, mount the pervaznite slats of floor coverings etc.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that tape accordingly Bosch GLM 30 Professional is certified under ISO-Norm 16331-1 about the accuracy and scope of the measure. This means that the measured her values are totally comparable, i.e. can be compared with the results obtained with each other in the same way-certified tool.

Tape accordingly is powered by two alkaline batteries size HR03 (AAA) or rechargeable batteries of the same size. One set of batteries allows approximately 5000 measurements.

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