CFA-3000-185 Analyzer

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CFA-3000-185 Analyzer -Hydrazine Analyzer Model 185 CFA3018 provides simplicity, convenience and reliability of operation. Install ducts with a color code in the appropriate container with a reagent set colorless and standard tubes in appropriate containers and click. The analyzer automatically calibrates and commissioned. After the start of operation of the analyzer performs a full calibration twice a week. Routine maintenance is simple. Reagents must be replaced and the standard solution every three months. For reliable operation and low maintenance model 185 needed each year to replace the pump valves. Full maintenance takes one hour per year.

With the optional built-in selector flow model 185 series can measure six streams sampled. Standard uses a single analog output. The thread token indicates the beginning of each new thread. Also available is optional multi-channel output, in which the individual is tied to the analog output of each stream sample. Multichannel output option saves the last value of each output to update. Hydrazine Analyzer Model 185 has a reagent delivery system under pressure. Optionally use the technical air injection system. The model 185 is used measuring technique is batch. Update occurs every 12 minutes. The device has safety certifications: EN 61010-1, EN 55011, EN 50082-1:92.

What is the barcode and how to read

Water quality control system model WQS designed to determine pH, ORP, dissolved chlorine , oxygen, turbidity in drinking water.

The system is equipped with sensors and analyzers user selectable. Unlike other systems, the model is not used WQS expensive sample preparation system and toxic reagents.

WQS system for required flow rate of less than 183 ml / min, which enables the use of the system in terms of water saving or no drainage.

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