How to choose a touch screen mobile phone

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How to choose a touch screen mobile phone – Recommendations for choosing a cell phone touch . What should I look for when choosing a touch screen phone ?

Nowadays, the mobile phone market is literally one of the last burst -art technology – touch phones . Feature of this device is the lack of the usual buttons on his panel, and control is performed by touching the screen with your finger or stylus.

Nowadays they range mobile phone market is impressive enough . There are plenty to choose from , and there is something to touch phones , Lg, Samsung and several other firms. Their products are different from each other and the design and size of the screen, and at a price and functionality , and the battery capacity , and build quality .

Note that the well-known brands still deserve attention if that boast much higher than the build quality , which is important when choosing a device.

Basically touch screen phones equipped with camera, radio , audio and video player , voice recorder , alarm clock , calendar, and a flashlight . Some even have built-in trim TV. Touch screen phones also have the ability to access the Internet.

Choosing a touch screen phone , keep in mind

diagonal (within 2 ” or more );

resolution camera (2, 3 , 5 megapixel , the more megapixels , the better the image quality );
telephone number of supported SIM cards (2-3 or more);
Support for memory cards (Micro SD capacity from 1 GB to 16 GB or more);
a variety of supported audio player audio formats (mp3 , amr , and others) ;
video capabilities (viewing , recording , general video format avi, 3gp);
the ability to connect the optional headset (headphones , Bluetooth- headset );
battery (the larger the capacity, the less it will have to charge ) .
An important factor for the choice of phone is the quality of both the assembly and the materials from which it is made. Another no less significant as to ensure quality work all phone functions. Therefore give preference to the tried and proven producers.

Now is also the touch phones are different variety of options in design. You can easily pick out the appropriate appearance and color machine.

Well , perhaps one of the most important aspects when choosing a phone – it’s price . It is, of course , affect all of the above factors . But in the most greater price touch screen phone depends on the diversity of features in it.

There are enough options available budget , which are characterized by modest functions , mid-price segment and very expensive models with a bunch of all sorts of bells and whistles .

However, do not forget that the main purpose of the phone – perform quality calls , so do not ” fooled ” by a wide range of functions , half of which you will not even use . But their presence in the price displayed!

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