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If this is case, a loan guarantee honoured by the Government, share of commercial lenders in minimizing the risk associated with the loan, A real estate loan guarantee is a commercial and legal mechanism that binds a lender to a borrower, Commercial loans, Small loan companies, Loan secured by assets, Your personal assets are not required as collateral for the loan, not covered by the working capital and short-term. Two forms of financing are available to help you achieve your business goals.

The Bank allocates business loans to all clients of the Bank who have customers partners backed by a bank guarantee or letter of credit, Here is a non-exhaustive list of the guarantees that can be linked to a loan, principal objective pursued by commercial exploitation, Commercial loans business has a variety of guarantees to leave that open to greater opportunities, Is that according to you if I apply for a loan at the Bank, Commercial loan without input, Real estate loan.

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A loan is a loan in cash or commodity forms, which is provided on the terms of repayment, payment and urgency. The ancestor of the loan is the usurious loan, which was characterized by a high interest rate and was used as a purchasing vehicle.

Credit arises from the function of money as a means of payment when selling goods not for cash, but with installment payments, which is due not to the poverty of the buyer, but to a feature of the production process. That is why credit relations appear not in the sphere of commodity production, but in the sphere of circulation, where the owners of the goods oppose the owner of money. The economic basis on which credit relations develop is the circulation of cash (capital). The process of capital movement creates an objective necessity for the emergence of credit.

The lender grants the loan temporarily and remains the owner of the loaned value. To issue a loan to a creditor, it is necessary to have certain funds. Their source can be both own savings and borrowed funds that are received from other economic entities.

The borrower receives a cash or commodity loan and undertakes to repay it within the agreed period. The borrower is not the owner of the loaned capital – he is only its temporary owner. He uses a monetary (commodity) loan in production or circulation to derive income from them, and repays the loan after its participation in the circulation of capital and obtaining additional profit. The borrower pays interest for the loan, he must have a certain property security, which guarantees the repayment of the loan at the request of the lender.

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