Repair bedroom in a small apartment

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Repair bedroom in a small apartment – a delicate matter . On the one hand limits the space deficit , and on the other hand, activates the imagination. In general, it is possible to perform a bedroom as you like , as long as you felt comfortable to be there , and no one design element did not act on you irritable , interfering with proper rest . Ideally, of course, that the bedroom was spacious and light , because in this case it will rest in the most pleasant . If the apartment is too small and a large room for the bedroom just not, without a little design tricks can not do here .

How to make repairs in a small bedroom

Begin to make repairs of any room it is best to plan the details and the bedroom is no exception. The first thing to imagine how it looks bedroom of your dreams. To do this easier , you can flip through a magazine design and look at the finished bedrooms , with remembering the various solutions that are liked the most. Next, you need to think , as far as possible to reduce the amount of furniture to a minimum , because the smaller it is, the sound will be more spacious room . When the number and type of furniture all settled , we can safely begin to invent sleeping composition and how to make it as attractive. For greater clarity, a good idea to sketch the most interesting ideas , even a primitive outline can help guide the imagination in the right direction and find a good solution .

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Determine technical design of a small bedroom , you need to find the best building materials that will be suitable for specific tasks . Even if you plan to make repairs on their hands , it is better to err , and to consult with experienced builders for what materials are best to use in your case and how to do it right . Construction market is constantly updated with new ideas , so it is possible that you will prompt any simple solutions to seemingly complex problems. Do not forget to define and lighting. It is desirable to provide for the possibility of its adjustment to the light of necessity could be done muted and bright.

To make repairs small bedroom

When a detailed repair plan developed , we can assume that half the job done . Left nothing at all – to realize his plan. First of all it is necessary to carry out the replacement of windows and doors, as well as to carry out work on the redesign of the room (if these procedures are planned ) . Then you can start to prepare the ceiling to the final finish. The best solution for small bedrooms are bright and mirrored ceilings , multi-level platform of plasterboard. Then hold all of the walls , preparing them for wallpapering or painting , and it is advisable to choose light colors for the walls , as in this case, the room will be visually more spacious. We finish the decoration of the ceiling and walls, so go to the floor. Look good in the bedroom floors of parquet or laminate , but you can pick up and over budgetary decisions . Finally is the installation of sex and ceiling moldings , trims and refinement of the room curtains , curtains , paintings and other decorative elements .

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