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conditioning, which becomes a salvation with the arrival of the summer heat. Getting used to the comfort in the cabin of the car, it will be sad to discover, one day pressing the air conditioner button, that the long-awaited coolness does not come.

The reason is obvious – the air conditioning system is faulty, the most frequent source of trouble, in this case, the air conditioner compressor is broken. Given the price of the new unit and the cost of car service, a natural question arises, is it possible to repair the car’s air conditioning compressor yourself? The answer is simple, yes! But before proceeding with the repair, it is worth understanding its design and what signs indicate the failure of the compressor.

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A ringing knock or rumbling during compressor operation – signals that the valves are bent or the working surfaces of the piston group are worn out, and this may also be signaled by the pressure measured at the inlet and outlet of the compressor that does not correspond to the nominal values.

If a possible cause of failure of the compressor of the automobile air conditioner is identified, then you can start the repair with your own hands:

With minor mechanical damage to the body, they should be welded using argon-arc welding.
To replace the oil seal or gaskets with your own hands, you must initially drain the refrigerant and remove the compressor from the machine. In case of leaking gaskets, the supercharger housing, consisting of several parts, depending on its type, between which these components are installed, is to be disassembled.

Replacement of the oil seal begins with the removal of the coupling hub by the puller, after which, having removed the retaining ring that fixes the oil seal, with the help of a special device, we remove the oil seal and replace it with a new one with a mandrel.

Replacement of a faulty pulley bearing with one’s own hands is also carried out on a compressor removed from the machine. Accordingly, having removed the clutch itself from the shaft with the device, we extruded the bearing, replace it with a new one and assemble it in the reverse order.

Replacing the shaft bearing with your own hands is a more time-consuming process that requires disassembling the entire compressor housing.

Repair of the electromagnetic clutch consists in removing the supercharger from the supercharger and replacing the failed ones with new ones: the pressure plate, the burned coil or the pulley on which the production appeared.

It is believed that in case of malfunction of the piston group, adding oil to the system, it is possible to postpone the failure of the compressor. But do not forget about the small particles that inevitably appear during production in the metal, which, once in the system, can clog the thermostatic control valve and the receiver-dryer, which will eventually lead to washing of the entire system. When replacing the components of the piston group with your own hands or eliminating problems with the valves, a complete disassembly of the compressor is required.

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