Which underfloor heating is more economical: water or electric?

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Those who wish to install underfloor heating as a heating device are often asked by a dilemma:

“Which underfloor heating is more efficient: water or electric?”

In water floors, hot water (or a special non-freezing liquid) belongs to the coolant.
The pipeline is mounted in a floor screed. Heat goes evenly throughout the area, there are no cold areas. With electric heating, the room is heated by a heating cable or infrared film. Mount them in a screed or in a layer of glue for tiles.

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what is more profitable than underfloor heating or batteries?

Heating of the surface when installing film floors is carried out by infrared rays that affect objects located on the floor surface.

The key performance indicator (efficiency) of the electric floor before the water floor is the absence of a coolant and the absence of a thick layer of cement screed.

Electrical energy is converted into thermal energy and immediately transmitted to the room, through the floor covering bypassing such processes as heating, transportation and heat transfer to the coolant, which take place in water underfloor heating.

Therefore, it can be unequivocally stated that the water underfloor heating is less profitable than the electric one, provided that it is used as an active element – an electric boiler.

Using a gas boiler as a heater, according to the tariffs of 2019-2020, the water floor is comparable to the efficiency of work with an electric underfloor heating, but remember that in addition to electricity consumption, it is also worth considering the costs of annual maintenance, which in electric underfloor heating are simply absent, unlike water.

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