Economic feasibility of underfloor heating

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The choice of a warm floor system can be approached from the other side. The device of underfloor heating in a house or apartment is a kind of investment that should be returned to you, at least with savings in payments for heat. It is impractical to arrange an expensive and time-consuming system of water underfloor heating, if the calculation shows that it is cheaper to heat the house with heating radiators or air collectors in the floor.

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Here another question arises, and what role should the actually play underfloor heating in your room. Will it be the main source of heating or will it become only an additional one.

For the main source of heating, it is better to use the fundamental systems of underfloor heating, water or cable electric. As an additional source of heat, the device of underfloor heating with mats or film underfloor heating is more suitable.

Which underfloor heating is better, electric or water

On the question of which underfloor heating is better, electric or water, you can give the following answer:

According to the technology of the device, labor costs, both types of underfloor heating, water and cable electric underfloor heating, are approximately the same. The water floor is somewhat more expensive.
In terms of operating costs, water underfloor heating is cheaper.

However, you are unlikely to be able to arrange a water underfloor heating if you have central heating, and it is unlikely that you will be able to arrange an electric underfloor heating, in the absence of a normal electrical connection or with “golden” electricity tariffs.

Therefore, the question of which underfloor heating is better, you can answer only on your own, based on local characteristics and after careful calculations, according to local tariffs for electricity and fuel, for the heating system of the house.

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