Which compressor to choose for a sandblasting plant

Compressor equipment is used in most areas of industry for industrial and domestic purposes. The use of pneumatic tools and equipment is impossible without this technique, it is impossible to do without a compressor and in our niche – sandblasting and shot blasting of products.

When a customer comes to us for advice on the choice of a sandblasting machine for his specific task, the standard question of our specialist is usually about whether he has a compressor and what is its performance. This is not an idle interest: for the processing of parts and products by the sandblasting method, air is needed, which is supplied under high pressure, for this role, in fact, compressor equipment is purchased.

Not only that, it needs to be of sufficient power and performance. Based on our practice, not all users correctly assess the concepts of “powerful” or, as they often say, “large” compressor. In this matter, you should not focus on the relative characteristics of the equipment “large”, “huge”, “large-sized”, you need to look at the materiel, that is, technical data, such as power and performance (m3 / min., l / min.).

The main idea that we always convey to users of sandblasting equipment: the performance of a compressor for a pressure sandblasting plant depends on the main characteristics of the latter (type, volume of abrasive to be filled) and on the task of the sandblasting operator.

Given that the “compressor” issue is very relevant for those who are just beginning to delve into the sandblasting craft, we have compiled a small memo with technical data of compressors, the power of which will be enough for specific sandblasting installations Course of a certain volume.

Which compressor to choose for a sandblasting plant


Compressors with a capacity of 600 l / min. with a capacity of 5.5 kW to 11 kW, as we have already mentioned, will work only with sandblasting devices of the injection type PST-Kurs-30.
With pressure “barrels” PST-Kurs-25, PST-Kurs-75 we recommend compressors from 15 kW with a capacity of 2000 l / min and above.
For devices PST-Course with a volume of 100, 160, 200 liters, we recommend choosing compressors with a capacity of at least 3500 l / min. (power from 22 kW to 75 kW).
With 25-, 75-, 100-liter units, it is possible to use compressors with a capacity of at least 18 kW (from 3000 l / min.), up to 45 kW.

Compressors will suit all our sandblasting plants with a volume of abrasive to be filled in 25, 75, 100, 160, 200, 250 liters:
30 kW (capacity from 4500 l/min.);
45 kW (from 7000 l/min.);
55 kW (from 9000 l/min.);
75 kW (from 12000 l/min.).

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