do it yourself Decorative transformations with a wallpaper

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Decorative concrete transformations find out where else you can use, because the wallpaper is ideal for beautiful decorative ideas and outside of walls. It is known that a wallpaper on the wall gives a very special result even if used on a single wall. Think well to have in your home this item or in small surfaces at various points.

do it yourself Decorative transformations with a wallpaper
Transform an old cupboard with a wallpaper in bold colors and get rid of the drab plastic stickers.

Place on a Board, which will instead use bed headboard.
Closet doors or drawers. Particularly in an old closet, which will rub and will treat or paint in a bright color, a wallpaper with modern patterns will completely renew its image.

In the tabletop. From the top you can order similar dimensions glass for the protection of the wallpaper. That way you can make an old table or new furniture.

Coat a panel with a special pattern and place it on the wall like artwork. Indeed, instead of the nail, you can leave it resting up on the wall.

do it yourself Decorative transformations with a wallpaper

On the ceiling. Drastically change a treadmill, a Hall, a living room, WC daily, placing your loved one theme on the ceiling.

On interior doors. Instead of paint, coat them with wallpaper. Monochromatic paint the wall and put the stripes on the door! Will eliminate the volume of the door making even a small hole to most shows.

If you want to place the wallpaper from a specific height of the wall and bottom or top, you will need to order wooden slats to accommodate the inelegant finish or a wallpaper border.

room decoration with sandstone wallpaper


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