Solutions to address moisture avoid renovations

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Solutions to address moisture avoid renovations

Moisture is a scourge for housing because it jeopardizes its integrity over the long term . In addition, it is also believed that she is the cause of many respiratory infections , which is why it is essential to prevent and treat if necessary. The causes of moisture are numerous and each requires special treatment. Fortunately, most fully respect the rules of hygiene and protection products are affordable .

It is important to know how to identify early signs of moisture in the home. And include the floors that deform , frequent condensation on the windows , walls that ooze , paint swells , decorative coating off , mold and fungi in damp rooms. All these symptoms have different causes that we will see later , and therefore treatments are also different. However, the detection of symptoms is already a big step forward, because it will make major renovations if the humidity is gaining ground and that the solutions become ineffective.

The main factors of moisture

There are different sources of moisture include, among others condensation, capillary rise , infiltration and poor structures, especially in wet areas . Start with the condensation is due to poor thermal management of the house , ambient heat is not sufficiently ventilated and it will settle in the form of liquid on the walls.

basement is damp Foundation Earth pulls moisture


It is easy to verify this by sticking a transparent film or tape on the wall, if you see drops on its outer side at the end of two days , the moisture is created by condensation. Infiltration is divided into several categories, and has roof leaks , faulty joints in wood , pipes too old or congestion in sanitation.

The capillary rise is the main cause because it is natural . Indeed, they are emanations of the soil gradually deposited on the walls and the roof. Poor drainage of rainwater is also an aggravating factor. Finally , failures in the pipes are rare in new but common in older homes .

These failures relate mainly health part that passes through all parts of the house, and if these problems are combined with channeling a significant capillary rise , the result is catastrophic. Moisture not only attack the walls or floors , but also the metallic elements in promoting rust, thus beginning their long-term strength .

The various treatments against moisture

The condensation can be easily treated as just adequate ventilation all rooms. We must try to keep the room temperature at about 20 ° C and spring cleaning is mandatory. Fans are effective but can be made ​​more efficient with a controller. The latter, which is available on the market at very affordable prices, will adjust the speed of the blades depending on the humidity .

But the most effective solution is a dehumidifier that will suck the drops of condensation , however, you must close all windows and doors for maximum efficiency . It is estimated that the dehumidifier can reduce the humidity of 60% , despite a slightly higher price, this is a worthwhile investment , especially if condensation is a chronic problem in your home.

A roof in poor condition is the leading cause of infiltration , also check its integrity , including tiles and cracks. You can remove the foam with products available in hardware stores . But , use a waterproof paint if the damage is too great. The gutters should be waterproof and can seal the cracks with silicone seal .

You can use the waterproof paint for walls or apply a special mortar to fill various holes . However, it will call a mason if the cuts are too deep . It can also strengthen the foundations of the walls by applying an asphalt base their product will reduce capillary rise , but this is a job for an experienced handyman.

The capillary rise itself is one of the most difficult problems, because we must identify all causes. We must seal the walls and floors , and it is binding and costly in older homes . The best method is to inject a water-repellent substance through pipes in the wall, it will take time , but the efficiency is guaranteed.

It is advisable to use a specialist company , because it will be cheaper than if you do the steps individually. We can see that we can effectively deal with a good moisture prevention and effective methods exist if it has already invaded your home.

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