Thermal insulation of the roofs thermal insulation tape

Thermal insulation of the roofs thermal insulation tape

Thermal insulation of the roofs

Thermal insulation of the roof requires , above all, to create a comfortable living conditions , in winter, the heat loss through the roof can be up to 70 %, the same roof insulation is needed to protect the design of the roof and ceiling of temperature extremes.

To choose the correct insulation for roof insulation , roof construction should be understood . Distinguish pitched roofs , flat and contrails .

Device for roof insulation depends on its type.

Insulation of pitched roofs

For pitched roofs used basalt insulation is not a high-density (up to 45 lbs. / Cu m ) , so we should not forget the vapor barrier membrane, which installation is performed from the inside ( to heater) room. Thermal insulation of pitched roofs can be made directly to the slopes of the roof, and by placing insulation on the attic floor ( in the attic ceilings ) , in this case, the attic space is residential and is not heated .

Thermal insulation of flat roofs

For thermal insulation of flat roofs , appropriate use basalt insulation – density from 110 to 180 kg / cubic meter, or extruded polystyrene – a density of 35 kg / cubic meter, the construction into this case has a vapor barrier under the insulation and waterproofing layer on top . The device is a flat roof insulation can be done both on the deck, and on the slab , in the first case should be filled flute corrugated expanded clay .

Thermal insulation of the roofs thermal insulation tape

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