How to grow cabbage giant size ?

How to grow cabbage giant size ? In the category garden designs and layouts Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about How to grow cabbage giant size ?.

How to grow cabbage giant size  – Cabbage has many interesting features. One of them consists in the fact that under favorable growth conditions , it can produce cabbage weighing 25 kilograms or more. For this it is best to take the cabbages Moscow late -15 and Far East .

It is important to prepare the soil. Since autumn digging manure – about 5-10 kg/m2 spring in an area with high groundwater table prepared ridge, dry is not necessary. Seedlings are best grown in small pots. To select the best planting plants with 3-4 true leaves.

Planted after transplanting of early varieties of cabbage. For better development of plants need a large area of ​​supply , which is packed into a hole staggered aisles 90-100 cm This is the most convenient for subsequent work . In the 10-14 cm depth of the wells is mixed well with the mail 2-3 handfuls of manure. Mineral fertilizers are applied at the rate of 30-40 g of ammonium nitrate , 30-50 g of double superphosphate , 20 – 25 g of potassium salt per 1 m2. It is impossible to form a fertilizer prevailed . Planted seedlings to lower leaves , in a pre- watered well. Gently pushing the soil , forming a well for the next watering. Even during the dry one watering enough to seedling well caught . Too frequent watering soil compaction and practically useless.

Caring for future giant cabbage in the early stages does not differ from conventional agricultural techniques of cultivation of plants: regular weeding , loosening after rain and irrigation . With the advent of the 7- 8 -leaf stage cabbage spud to the lower leaves , usually after rain. In dry weather before hilling beds watered abundantly . We must remember that ridging dry soil does not cause additional root formation in plants and will only serve to keep the plant upright.

If you can not care for cabbage leaves damaging healthy until harvest.

Once a week, visiting plants , pests are harvested by hand , and if this is not possible , they are treated with appropriate medication .

In late July, the growth of cabbage increases, since that time and begins the main work on the cultivation of giant cabbages . To do this, every seven days to be fed mullein (1 : 10), or bird droppings (1 : 15). Do it after a good rain or watering. If you moisten the soil well in the evening , the day after can fertilize and loosen the morning and that did not form a crust , sprinkle with dry earth . Thus watered at least 4 times . Feeding , avoid fertilizers on cabbage leaves .

When growing giant forks do not forget to leave a few plants where cabbage grown by conventional farming practices – should in fact know what you’ve achieved .

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