How to wash Sneakers in a washing machine

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I confess that I still have a spirit of punk rock teenager and I like my shoes dirty well, but the other day I decided to give a general, since I was pretty much stuck his foot in the mud and wasn’t able to use tennis as it was, and as I was too lazy to wash on hand as my mother always sent to do when I was a teenager I went to see how to wash in the machine and look is not as difficult as it seems.

The first thing is to always read the label and see if that tennis can be washed in the machine, after all tennis with appliques or hand-painted may not be a good wash in the machine.
A good reviewed at the bottom and inside to see if you have no stone or something stuck to the bottom, after all this can end up damaging your machine.

Remove the laces, insole and any removable prop and turn the language of tennis out.
Put 2 towels very thick, cushions or pillows, etc., around the drum of the machine (be it frontal opening or higher) so you will protect and the machine and prevent the sneakers stay hitting.
Place the sneakers, and the laces and insoles should be within any bag for underwear or pillowcase, he should not be let out or can get lost in the machine.

Add the amount of SOAP you would use for few clothes and softener and if you want to mix in 2 SOAP spoons (soup) of fungicide for clothes.

Connect the machine to cycle a few clothes, but that is complete or is it also a centrifuge, remove the shoes and let air-dry somewhere with plenty of wind and hang the laces on the Clothesline.
Important: do not wash on rainy days or cloudy, it is important the tennis fast dry so hot weather is a great option.

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