How to wash silicone form

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How to wash silicone for – Flexible molds, designed to prepare various dishes in the oven , have become part of our lives. All housewives enjoying such molds , know how to solve them clean the fat and unattractive stains. If you do not know how to wash the silicone mold , cook a sponge for washing dishes , vinegar, liquid detergent and baking soda and read these recommendations below .

1. Wash molds made ​​of silicone , it is necessary immediately after they become cold. Using detergent and sponges should be thoroughly rinsed each silicone mold , both outside and inside. Then , molds rinsed with water and put on clean, dry towel so that the water glass . In their wardrobe can only clean when they are completely dry .

2 . If after cooking fish or aspic molds absorbed unpleasant smell , soak them after washing in a weak solution of vinegar . Thirty minutes later, rinse well with cold water silicone mold .

3 . After baking, berry dishes bright spots molds may arise . Do not worry, over time they will become less noticeable. Henceforth, bake cakes with berries only in forms that are quite dark in color .

4 . Do not use silicone molds for cleaning tough knife or steel wool . Also , do not apply to them cleaning fluid designed for cleaning ovens. So you will not only spoil the molds, but also harm your health .

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