Sliding doors. Construction and fittings of sliding doors

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What are sliding doors. Construction and fittings of sliding doors. Information article on the design and arrangement of apartments, repair of apartments, rooms, cottages and private houses.

Sliding doors are very popular and are most often used as interior doors. This is due to the fact that such doors are very functional and occupy a minimum of space and have a lot of other advantages over swinging ones. Sliding doors significantly increase the visual perception of any room, and make it possible to transform the free space for the desired purpose.

In addition, today such doors are very modern and have an elegant design, emphasize the elegance of your interior. The design of such doors looks much better when the room initially has sufficient area.

Sliding door design

The design of sliding doors consists of several elements. The main element is, of course, the door leaf, which can consist of both a frame and a glass leaf, and filled tightly. It is this element that is responsible for the design of the doors. It all depends on your worldview, and how it interacts with the vision of the people around you. Maybe what you like may not like others. Of course, the choice is yours, but the main thing here is not to overdo it.

How to choose interior doors?

Fittings of sliding doors

The next equally important element is the mechanism, which includes roller carriages, locks, guides, etc. As for this element, it performs the main function and is responsible for the long term of your sliding system. Of course, all fittings for doors should be made exclusively of high-quality materials.

Decorative strip

Another element that is also responsible more for visual perception than for quality is a decorative bar that will cover the mechanism. Such an element must be visually compatible with the door leaf. Although, as a rule, it is attached to the canvas you have chosen initially.

Handles and locks

The next component of sliding doors are handles and locks. Such accessories should also be of high quality and correspond in color. Now glass sliding doors are very popular. Of course, fittings for wooden doors will not work for them. Even special handles for glass doors are required, which are also used in all-glass doors, partitions and showers. High-quality glazing fittings are produced by KIN LONG, a recognized leader in this field.

Boards and platbands

And the last element of the design of sliding doors are the boards and platbands. This element should correspond in color and texture with the canvas.

Frames for such doors are best chosen from an aluminum profile. They have a fairly light weight and last a long time. Their main advantage can be called moisture resistance, since aluminum does not interact with moisture.

Sliding door mechanism

The sliding door mechanism functions as follows. When installing, the door leafs are fixed on a special guide with roller carriages. Depending on the design you choose, there may be several such guides. As a rule, they consist of an aluminum profile, of great thickness. Rollers are made of special durable polymers that are resistant to abrasion. They rotate on rolling bearings. Thus, it provides an easy and smooth ride to your sliding doors.

Fittings for such doors do not differ in a wide variety. Handles are usually sealed and built into the canvases. This is due to the fact that the design of the doors provides handles that do not interfere with closing. Usually, the color for their use is the most common, gold or chrome. In addition, the locks produced for such doors look quite specific, have a hook-shaped transom, since the straight one for such doors is not suitable.

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