sequence repair of an apartment

Repair plan apartments

 sequence repair of an apartment-The correct sequence of repair of an apartment – it is an opportunity to save time , money and nerves. Everybody knows that the repair procedure is not the most pleasant , but if you plan it carefully and stick to the plan , you can reduce the amount of hassle and extraordinary expenses to a minimum.

The first stage of repair of an apartment

In the first step is to carry out all the dirty and dusty rough work , and you need to start with the wiring sewer and plumbing layout .

Usually plumbing imply the need of welding, swotting dirty walls and other procedures , and generally in the order of things begin repairs to the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. After all with plumbing problems resolved , go to the redevelopment , of course, if it takes place to be . In general, we carry the unneeded partitions , construct and move to the desired electrical work . The organization also involves wiring the dust and dirt, because you need Grooves wall and gouge holes for outlets. And now in vogue concealed wiring , so before it comes to the walls, to finish with all that is in them is encased . After that we put where planned, tile and begin quietly watching the walls , ceiling and floor . On a par with the work on getting rid of the old finish the main planes of the apartment you can do replacement windows.

Alignment of the ceiling in the apartment

The second stage of repair of an apartment

So , the new window is painted in the window openings , walls rid of old wallpaper and plaster from the ceiling and shot skinny layer of whitewash. Now you can enjoy screed floor and its alignment. Modern repair at this stage involves the installation of heating , so if you decide to decorate the apartment ” in a new way ,” then it’s time to install underfloor heating . After that, it would be good to do the alignment of walls and replacement of doors. When new doors installed ,

you can switch to finishing the ceiling. There is already , there are many options ranging from the creation of multi-level platforms of drywall and finishing stretch ceilings . At this stage, the most times to think about lighting : take the wiring and mount lights. Next, the correct sequence of repair of an apartment involves a move to the floor finish .

Making floors can be arbitrarily : prostelit regular linoleum , put wood flooring, laminate flooring or any other type of coverage . Upon completion of floor finishes his best to lay a protective film and go to the wall design . There are so many choices that even list them meaningless. Regardless of whether you made ​​out wallpapered walls ,

just painted them in any color, pattern or caused resorted to some creative solutions , and to complete the work with them comes the installation of sex and ceiling moldings and door architraves .

The third stage of repair of an apartment

The last thing to do cosmetic repairs corridors and entrance hall, and then engaged in the installation of outlets, switches and other crap . For dessert, there is only arrange the furniture , appliances installed in its place , to call friends and how it should be noted the long-awaited completion of the repair.