wall paints types how to choose?

wall paints types how to choose?

If you need to buy paint for the walls – how to choose the right from a huge variety ? Today surprising breadth of choice and functionality. They are durable, resistant to stains and dirt , easy to wash . They do not only cover the walls , but largely modeled interior. Today we are able to choose between acrylic , vinyl , and even decorative ceramic paints .

If we want to refresh the appearance of the room, it is initially necessary to reflect on the effect that you want to get. Select a color to determine the right amount and type of paint.

First, let’s focus on a few key aspects. After all , we do want painted wall kept perfect look for years to come , regardless of the circumstances.

How to choose the color of the walls before painting

What to look for in order to choose the right paint for the walls ?

Undoubtedly, characterize good quality paint for the walls should a number of factors.

The priority is , of course, the color fastness . The colors should not fade with time , and the white color should turn yellow .

Do not forget about the durability – the paint should not flake and fall off the wall.

The paint must reliably paint surface – completely cover the walls and the possible contamination.

To choose the right paint for the walls , it is important to take into account such factors as limited exposure to harmful substances and compounds – a property that is particularly important in areas where children live or allergies . Recall that each wall paint contains a pigment, which determines its color , a binder , a fastening surface with a paint , and, of course , the solvent facilitates the distribution surface. Choosing the least harmful option, you should pay attention to the details of the composition of which should be on every package of the product. There will be information about the dyes , stabilizers, delay or speed up the drying

Washable paint will give you the ability to easily and quickly get rid of the stains .

At the next stage, pay attention to the type of the updated rooms. For those where high humidity , such as kitchens , bathrooms , use products with a high gloss .

Kitchen and bathroom.

In this case it is necessary to stay in the paint , which is specifically designed for areas where increased humidity and frequent appearances dirt . Good cope with this task latex paint containing specific substances that prevent mold growth . It provides not only durability, but also protect the walls from excessive penetration of water vapor and contaminants. In the case of the kitchen, a good option would be a washable paint that will retain its purity.

Universal paint for the rooms .

Search universal paint for the walls in the rooms lead us to the acrylic . For a more interesting effect can be used matte sheen or gloss.

The choice should depend on the technical condition of the walls. If the walls are in perfect condition – no cracks and irregularities , may be preferred acrylic latex paint .

If the room is small , it is better to choose paint reflects the light . This allows the visual , it will appear larger .

If the wall is uneven , stop for a matte paint. It reflects less light, thus hiding , imperfections walls.

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