How to grow beets

How to grow beets

Beets are often eaten raw , because it allows you to add rich red color in any summer salad. Also, you can eat hot beets, adding a hot sauce to spice up her salty- sweet taste. Many people are made from beets house wines , because it contains sugar and wine store can then be more than 6 months. Beets can be planted easily at any time. Its seeds are well mixed with the soil in early spring , allowing it to grow strong and sweet .

Preparing the ground

Beet suitable medium or light soil , which for a time was not added with a slight manure alkaline . The soil must be well dug . Would be the best soil in which pre- grown onions, beans or peas, ie soil, which during the autumn season has become more fertile. And with winter frost , so the soil is more suitable for the cultivation of sugar beet . During the digging , remove all the stones out of the ground in order to beet roots could penetrate deeper into the soil without any obstacles.

Sowing and planting

The most suitable time for sowing beets is the middle of April, when the most severe frosts have left behind. In addition, the need to sow the seeds of beets in moderate amounts , in certain portions . Sowing can be done until the middle of July. This time will be enough that the seeds have time to turn into a big beet. If you want to harvest beets for 3-4 weeks before the due date , cover the land with seeds of beet polyethylene. Polyethylene should be on the beds for two weeks. Before planting the seeds , place them in water for one hour. Soaking the seeds will allow you to eliminate the chemicals from packaging materials . Then you can clean the seeds with a towel and put them on the 2.5-3 cm into the soil at a distance of 30 cm from each other. If the soil is dry , it is necessary to water it. Within two weeks after planting, you already notice a small seedlings . For 15 days every seed must germinate at 5 cm from the soil. At each seedlings should be about 2-4 shoots.

How to Grow Beets

Plant Care

Necessary to protect seedlings from birds , representing the greatest threat. If your district a lot of birds , cover the beds grid. Another way to protect seedlings are plastic bottles, which must be covered with plants ( cutting upper and lower portions of bottles) . This is the best way to protect your plants. Need to be watered regularly beets, because it needs a large amount of water for proper growth . To allow the beet was not thick foliage, and can lightly sprinkle the soil with rock salt .

Time to harvest

Most of the harvest to the 10th week after planting the seeds. By this time, the fruits of beet already reached 8 cm in diameter, and are ideally suited for use in salads and for storage because they are not exposed to any disease or pest attacks .

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