Alkaline electrolyte – why OH?

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Alkaline electrolyte is one of the main components of alkaline batteries. It has a lot of advantages over other types of conductive substances.

What is an alkaline electrolyte, what properties it has and how to work with it, you will have to figure out.

First of all, it is a chemical compound that is actively involved in the accumulation of electricity by the battery. Alkaline electrolyte can repeatedly participate in reducing-oxidative reactions without loss of quality, due to its properties.

Alkaline electrolyte occurs in different compositions:

Nickel metal hydride
Sodium electrolytes have a long service life, but have a significant disadvantage – the impossibility of use at negative air temperatures.

Potassium-lithium has the opposite situation, they are frost-resistant, but unsuitable for work in hot conditions, since their operating temperature is limited to 35 ° C.

Alkaline electrolyte - why OH?

Nickel-cadmium batteries have a memory effect, which imposes certain restrictions on their use.

Nickel-metal hydride batteries lack the memory effect, they are able to work at both low and high temperatures, but have a high cost, which prevents their widespread use as a portable energy source.

Each of the compounds, whether it is potassium, lithium, sodium or caustic potassium, is diluted with distilled water in the right concentration, resulting in an electrolyte solution for alkali. In consistency, it is liquid and similar to ordinary water.

Alkaline electrolytes are considered the most reliable and durable components of batteries, but they also have a minus – the inability to issue a starting current. In this regard, acid electrolytes are more often found in car batteries.

We extend the service life of the alkaline electrolyte and battery!

It is worth remembering about the factors that reduce the service life of alkaline electrolytes:

Incomplete battery charging
Less electrolyte in the separator than necessary
Long-term use of electrolyte at high temperatures
High liquid temperatures
If you try to monitor these moments, you can extend the life of the battery at times.

For batteries, it is possible to replace the alkaline electrolyte. Most often, the need for replacement occurs if the battery stops holding charging.

The procedure for replacing the alkaline electrolyte is as follows:

Dismantle the battery

Put it in a convenient revenge, without access for children, third parties.
It is necessary to replace the alkaline electrolyte in protective clothing, to have a tool with you to

open the battery cover and an alkaline electrolyte for the bay, which can be prepared at home.

Dismantle the battery cover, pour the electrolyte to the required level.

Assemble the battery in its original form, install in the equipment.

After changing the electrolyte in the alkaline battery, it must be charged in enhanced mode.

For a rechargeable battery, there are basic charging rules that you should always follow if you want to extend its lifespan.

Alkaline rechargeable battery – does not require too frequent attention. If you provide it in full, then it will be possible to please with uninterrupted operation for many years and will fully justify its price.

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