Suppressor silencer Senao JA- 158

This device is designed to block ( oppression ) signal in the spectrum CDMA 900/GSM 900/1800. Major manufacturers SENAO, specializing in the production of phones distant radius acts.

In this model, production engineers used the most current and cool components. The diameter of the suppressor is (depending on the test) up to 50 m we tested models of other manufacturers in the price range from $ 500 to $ 1000 results showed the least susceptible . The average diameter of the greatest suppression was tested at 25m . Radius suppressor acts depends on the distance from the base station ( repeater ) . The more powerful the signal of mobile communication , the radius of less suppressor . In this silencer operates in a horizontal plane and in a vertical , in other words it is afterward inclusion , as it were the center of the ball. Use the device in various possible situations.

It’s no secret that one of the most effective methods to convey a cheap and talk face to face , it discreetly activated mobile phone . Also works masterfully made ​​wiretapping based mobile phone, just cut one it remotely. When the Mobile Phone Jammers Etalon CDMA 900/GSM 900/1800 fail to transmit either What are within a certain radius , and on the phone screen will display the inscription : NO NETWORK

Suppressor silencer Senao JA- 158

Properties :

Effective signal level distance (radius )-40dBm ~-50dBm from 5 to 10 m -50dBm ~-60dBm from 10 to 15 m -60dBm ~-70dBm from 15 to 20m. Above -70dBm over 20 m
Dimensions 140 * 170 * 40mm
Weight 1260gr .
Input voltage 90-265 V.
Frequency range 869 ~ 960 ~ 1925 Mhz 1805 Mhz

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