Staircase in the apartment

Staircase in the apartment – In our time, have become very popular stacked flats , and this involves the installation of apartment stairs . Staircase in the apartment should serve not only the subject of helping to get from one floor to another , but also to be the subject of the interior, so it should not take too much space to be comfortable, beautiful and practical for the whole family , friends and even pets.

Now there are many design options stairs . It can be design and made ​​with their own hands and set the order .

Material for stairs can be very different in price and design and compactness . The most popular designs which are made of wood . And as the tree lends itself well to the decor , the wooden stairs can become a great part of the decor .

Not inferior to the beauty and glass construction . Glass helps to give it a certain lightness and ease , which can spoil the overall interior of the apartment and is well integrated into the space between floors.

Among the many functions that a staircase, and it can serve as the main focus when creating the apartment with high ceilings of the second level . For example, this garden equipment from the ceiling using steps churned out . There are cases when the installation is performed exclusively stairs for interior decoration and not to carry its primary function ( to give her flowers , figurines, lay the fabric and more) .

With the modern design of the apartment provides a reasonable and cost-effective use of space, the ladder must therefore differ not only strength and functionality, but also have airy feel and miss sunshine.

If the decision about installing wooden stairs , then as a material for construction can be used: beech, ash , oak and larch . A stage may be made of expensive wood .

Very practical and durable design built using marble and stone. But in this case it becomes necessary to strengthen the overall structure , causing the visual weighting . Besides marble, though saturated with different shades and looks nice , but it does not tolerate changes in temperature and can easily crack or crumble .

Now more and more popularity have combined stairways – a set price, quality and pleasing appearance .

When conceived staircase is made , then we should also think about safety precautions, that is, the guardrails promoting Safe Boating and also need to properly and timely care for the material from which it is made .

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