What is a system registry and how to clean it

What is a system registry and how to clean it –¬†Specificity of the registry of the operating system , its functions and the main sections . Clogging the system registry . Identification of “garbage” by using RegCleaner. Recommendations for installing and using the program.

The lion’s share of new users is often confronted with the fact that after a certain period of operation, the computer loses their performance , working much more slowly. The reason for this condition often are not complete, which many sin , and “junk” that has accumulated in the operating system .

Most exposed clogging the system registry of the operating system Windows. So if you notice a drop in performance of their own laptop , originally a good clean registry.

Before you perform the cleaning itself , let’s move on to what is a registry. Under the registry mean original database of Windows, which has all the settings and options as the actual operating system and a variety of programs , users, and hardware parts . In order to enter the registry , you need to go through the following path on the PC : ” Start -> Run -> enter the command : regedit -> Registry Editor .”

In the registry, you will see a number of major sections:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT – where there is evidence of objects and types of files that are registered .

HKEY_CURRENT_USER – in this section being reserved user settings under which the logged on to the system.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE – This section saves parameters for all users.

HKEY_USERS – in this section data are available for all users of this computer .

HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG – in this section being reserved data on hardware and software equipment.

Postal question how to find the “trash” in the registry and how to extract it . Use this program RegCleaner. This fairly simple utility capable of easily detected as ” namusorili ” deleted the program , as well as eliminate the common ” debris “.

Of course, cleaning the registry every time efficiency , but such a procedure is necessary . It is important to learn to understand the system registry , so that in case of need you can not only remove unwanted “footprints” , but also to restore important data , for example, after a virus attack .

You can download this program directly from the Internet using a search engine . When RegCleaner will be established after the opening is only necessary to select the top menu : Options -> Language -> Select Language. Then you need to find the file in the pop-up window Russian.rlg for what 2 times it click . Thus , you will have Russian interface language.

Let us discuss how to clean using the registry. In the beginning , select Tools from the top menu : Tasks -> Registry Cleanup – > Automatic cleaning of the registry . Then start the analysis of the registry system. It runs automatically , you should just wait. Upon completion of analysis, the program will present you with all the “garbage “, which must be removed.

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