The location of the drain pump dishwasher

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The location of the drain pump dishwasher

A dishwasher, the drain pump failures occur in various ways. They are identifiable by the presence of remains of dirty water in the machine after a program, or by problems with the drying does not end completely , or a problem countdown . In all cases , the solution is to repair or replace the drain pump . For this purpose , it is necessary to access the location.

As its name suggests , the role of the drain pump is to ensure that the discharge of water from the dishwasher normally. A malfunction of this part may cause inconvenience in the application program , especially for drying and cleaning the result. However, the dishwasher, the drain pump problems are usually easy to solve. Most of the time , there is a malfunction in the power supply, or is it just the circuit is blocked. Thus , once the drain pump has been identified as a source of inconvenience , it is appropriate to make some checks before hiring the services of a convenience store. This will avoid significant expenditures for benign failures.

How to access the drain pump ?

The drain pump of the dishwasher is normally the side of the front , bottom, and right, a kind of hidden behind skirting. To get there, it is essential to go through the bottom of the machine and for that, it will tilt the machine backwards. But above all , we must be careful to disconnect the device. Access to the drain pump is pretty simple : first, you must remove the screws that are below . Then it will disconnect both son and the earth connected to the pump . Then you must remove the pipes and out by loosening the clamps and after that the drain pump is at hand .

Checks and reassembling the pump drain

Once the pump drain the dishwasher available , the first check is to see if it is not blocked . Then , it is also advisable to test the operation of the pump. It will then be for the repair if possible, or directly replaced. To reassemble , simply perform the above steps in reverse. Note that the collars can be discarded or replaceable , as appropriate.

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