Can I opt out of overhaul

It happens that in the decision to overhaul. But some tenants by making major repairs in the apartment, from repair houses refuse to. That would entail the rejection, As a rule, first by the local management company bypassed apartment tenants or arrange a general meeting, at which information is scheduled to be repaired. wishes to obtain the consent of residents. Every owner has the right to cancel, no one can force will agree. The employees of the company shall be prepared which shall be signed by the relevant documents, in the event of a failure.

By signing the document, not the apartment owner cannot prevent the construction work in the House, which traditionally includes the replacement of pipes, water and gas. The management company has the right to seek redress in the Court and get access to the accommodation owner. Thus, it turns out that to abandon the construction works on the property is not recommended. Refusal to face the fact that the owner of an apartment in the most unpredictable moment may be left without heating and water. The reason for this will be a technical impossibility of the use of old and new equipment. Repairs must be carried out at the expense of housing, to take money from the tenants in this situation, they have no right.

repair of old wooden houses

If you believe that the old pipe is still able to serve about 20 years and do not require a repair, you can, for example, to abandon their full replacement. In this case, also signed the paper. The rejection is usually added, the essence of which is that when a breakthrough heating and other emergencies, the owner was an apartment must pay damages to the victims neighbours.

Some management companies enter the disclaimer text is very bad item. Namely, it concerns again, “rejection” of apartments. The paragraph says that if an emergency happens, the owner who is liable for damage not only affected neighbors, but also to eliminate the consequences of accidents throughout the building solely for their money. That is why it should be a very thoughtful approach to the issue of signing the acts of the overhaul.