kitchen in the attic Design Ideas and Photos

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When creating design easy and functional kitchen in the attic, many are often faced with the problem of inequality premises bevels are not equal to the ceiling. Room in the attic in many homes is different, so each project’s kitchen in the attic must be fully customized. You need to focus on specific decisions when creating a project the kitchen. One of the main challenges when designing a kitchen in the attic is the lighting, which is vital for comfortable work.

Let’s not forget that the kitchen is primarily a service room. When using artificial light in the darkness, you can illuminate any space. Certain problems can occur with natural day light. Direct sunlight through the window tend to interfere, and, in addition, in the attic, direct sunlight cause the overheating of premises. It may cause some discomfort. Therefore, it is best if the kitchen in the Loft is located on the north side (there’s a shining soft light) or to the East, where the sun shines only in the morning and the kitchen is not so much.

You must also install the kitchen window with the bevel to was able to Cook during the day without the inclusion of artificial lighting. Plenty of natural light, will provide additional comfort and create the impression of space.

Design of ventilation in the kitchen

In addition to the problems with the lighting in the kitchen must be installed the necessary equipment for ventilation of the room. In practice often used natural ventilation, so as a special ventilation system is quite expensive. If the attic allows you to use natural ventilation, the easiest way is to ventilate the kitchen opening Windows.

Organization of the kitchen in the attic

Once you are familiar with the sunlight and ventilation, you can think about the functional organization of the kitchen in the attic. You must enable the logical thinking. Since space in the attic is limited, you need to clean the kitchen all unnecessary items and furniture.

The kitchen is painted in bright colors, since this will create the effect of an optical zoom space.
The amount of equipment and furniture in the kitchen must be kept to a minimum. Countertops in the kitchen can be placed between the sink, refrigerator or gas stove. Height of countertops should be at a level of 10-15 cm below the elbow bent hands.

Additionally, at a height of 50-60 cm, you can install the kitchen cabinets. If you want to equip your kitchen dishwasher, you need to select a special place under her and 45-60 cm (depending on models) free space. Remember also that to create a comfortable kitchen in the attic, you need a special working place and if it will be located under the fairly steep roof, a man standing at the front will be exposed shots of the head along the sloping wall. Therefore, before to equip a kitchen, you must design the most convenient working place in the kitchen.

kitchen in the attic Design Ideas and Photos

On the wall at the top of the kitchen, you can put your cabinets and stands in the lower part, with inner compartments. The kitchen should be comfortable and have a good mood. Equipment of kitchen in the attic should be functional and ergonomic.

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