Restoration baths most efficient and cheapest method

Restoration baths, Each man seeks to improve their living conditions, but not everyone has the financial ability. Restoration of the baths alone is considered to be the most efficient and cheapest method. Planned target, bath is the case: the presence of cracks and chips, rough enamel, dirty-yellow color baths. If there on the ground flow or deformation process started building baths, it is best to buy a new one.


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The restoration occurs in several steps:

Removal of the inner layer of the outdated enamel. To do this, on the surface you want to apply special cleansers, without chlorine. Using abrasive stone enamel gradually on each. In the end you need to rinse with water.
The surface of the bath from the inside.
Degreased tub filled with hot water and wait 15 minutes. Further necessary wiped dry.
Mixed working a mixture of ring and enamel.
The inside surface is grounded, causing the first layer of the mixture.
When the initial layer dries, apply the second.

How to choose a corner bath for small spaces

A thorough update of baths in the House, spent about 3-4 hours. First restoration looks fairly simple process. Despite this, the need to pay attention to some nuances:

enamel must impose on the cleaned surface. If you miss this process, then the enamel starts to get;
in order to remove the old enamel can apply abrasive stone or water-repellent sandpaper;
the enamel is applied with a brush assigned. Surface must be perfectly smooth, depends upon the quality of the application.

The second layer of enamel is put over a quarter of an hour after the first. You should observe that the formed bubbles and streaks. It is best to use the services of professionals to avoid collision with obstacles.

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