The most dangerous male occupations

The most dangerous male occupations

most dangerous male occupations

The most dangerous profession in the number of civil – Miner . In the world not many people who can not imagine how it handle heavy unit and thus also to drill the rock , while at a depth of 1,000 meters. And if we add to this that most equipment in the mines is outdated and safety , despite repeated testing does not meet the requirements ? In connection with this newspaper chronicles constantly replenished sad news about accidents suffered by miners . Recognized as the most dangerous coal mines . The world leaders in terms of mortality in this region are Ukraine, China and Russia.

Profession of journalism in our time is to become deadly. Search for information, which can produce a sensation of the media pushes for crazy things , which are a consequence of trouble. Life and health reporters at risk if they work in a hot spot or conduct its own investigation into high-profile cases .

The results of public opinion polls suggest that is still among the most dangerous occupations male firefighters , rescue workers and employees of the Interior Ministry. It is not rare these trades people gave their lives to prevent the deaths of others.

The most dangerous male occupations

Can not boast of a peaceful and relaxing existence electricians , car mechanics , air conditioning installers , welders , plasterers , builders .

Workers in industry and health care are more likely to get injured on the job . The most dangerous to health recognized sugar factories , car plants (mainly those that produce trucks ) foundries .

In the United States, the top most dangerous professions male head crabbers , loggers, miners , oil workers and even cowboys .

Men can not feel safe even if they occupy the highest office : monarchs , presidents or prime ministers often murdered.

But British scientists as always excelled and made his senior hazardous occupations . Harmful conditions were determined based on the amount of consumption of alcohol, junk food and the frequency of smoking in the workplace . In the end, the most unexpected profession were dangerous to men.

The first place for harm , according to British scientists , it is necessary to award the professional chef catering establishments . But only in the event that he often smokes , drinks alcohol , and products that do not carry any benefit which the human body.

In second place were farmers . And all for what they are about fifty smoke cigarettes and eat at least fourteen snacks for the week. Next on the list are located electricians, builders and insurance agents . Not averse to drink , smoke and eat something particularly harmful and teachers, publicity agents , lawyers and secretaries .

Like it or not , but in any profession you might find something dangerous to their life and health. It remains only two choices : either do not work at all and lay on the couch (although it can be a very dangerous pastime ) or follow the precautions and safety measures in the workplace.